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Toycar - My Little Town (Kindle Tablet Edition)

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NEW MENU ! Responding to the largest requests " i want to battle with frineds/family" from the Toycars' users , the new menu "Goal Battle FlicQ" has been added! Only flick, It's a simple boardgame but exciting! It's available as In-App-Purchase.(FlicQ is : For age over 5 / For 2 players)
Create interactive towns complete with roads and cars that you can stretch across devices! Set cars to drive automatically, or take the wheel and control them yourself! Add in gas stations, intersections,
As fun and interactive as it is educational, Toycar redefines what it means to play with toy cars, enhancing the fun and bringing into the digital age!
This sim is all about making roads, then getting cars on them and having a blast! You can add in as many cars into your Toycar map as you want, and there’s three uniquely designed colorful models to choose from! Every toy car you add into your map moves along roads - obeying any lights and signs along the way - on its own once you hit the power and see your town in action!
Everyone can play driver in Toycar too!
- To take the wheel of any car in the game simply tap on it and it’ll drive how you want it to, either by following your finger or which ever way you tilt your device depending on how you want to drive!
- A handy ‘magnet’ feature is available too which will keep any cars your driving from going off the road on accident.
Don’t imagine roadways or towns to drive toy cars around in anymore! With Toycar it all becomes a wildly dynamic reality! You have access to a highly flexible, in depth toolkit that lets you make and edit everything from roads, stop-lights, and road signs, to parking lots, bushes, buildings, and much more! To boot you can link up your roadways with other local devices via LAN connection, and use Toycar’s innovative “Warp” feature.
- Realistic digital cars to play with from a birds-eye view, complete w/ genuine sound effects & movement.
- Driving options via tilt or “touch & drag” based controls.
- “Magnet” feature to ensure your cars never run off the road while you’re driving them around!
- All cars can either be driven manually or be set to automatically drive around while you watch & enjoy!
- Warp functionality! - Set custom ‘warp’ points across multiple devices to make cars drive from one screen to another and back again between set warp markers.
- Easy & intuitive road and town editing toolbox that lets you make exactly the town you want to make, change map themes, and much more!
- Stay tuned - there’s more features set to be added soon!

After version 1.1, This app has been released as a "New App". If you have version 1.0, please remove it from your device and croud at first, and download afresh.

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