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Publisher: RinPal
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: 1.69 USD

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* お待たせしました!2016年データを追加しました *
* I was waiting! 2014 data You have just added *
(Additional 2014 data is required in-app billing)
To celebrate the update, is being carried out Sale
¥ 398 -> 198 yen
When you select the year you were born in the top menu, memories of your notebook to date is created from 0 years old.
When you select each year, items related to that year will be displayed.
In addition, you can also add the history of your own
, Also has the ability to see the history of all '86
The fields displayed on the memories note is as follows
. 1 topic - Total number of items: 900 items or more]
The main news of the year, I will display along with the image the incident.
. 2 epidemic - Total number of items: 3500 items or more]
Show me buzzword that symbolizes the year, hit, bestseller, TV, CM, movies, toys, and games.
. 3 song - Total number of items: 5000 or more songs]
Show me Japanese music of the year, the hit song of Western
, Music of more than 90% can play within the app.
· I will do from the page of youtube play the song.
• You can not play offline
. 4 Sports [Total number of items: 2500 items or more]
Displays the major events of the world of sports and performance of the year sumo, baseball, soccer, Olympic, F1, such as the soccer World Cup.
5.My note
I will display a history of your own added
Registration text, image, date and time can be a year of all
As history dictionary of the next generation, it is equipped with the following functions to all items further.
• The display Wikipedia that relate to, youtube video list, the amazon Product List by tapping the list.
-As it is available to buy goods or to find out more, or to play the video.
· I do not appear if there is no relevant information
• You have a amazon account to purchase products.
· Youtube video playback is recommended Wi-Fi connection.

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