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This is not an ordinary music APP. Engineers and designers after the collision of some wisdom, and finally create a new music product, and then the birth of a unique music scene APP.
Music comes from life, so we do is to be more closely linked to the music and life. Kill a dozen after another playing program, we decided to use the scene as the connection point for music and life. Maybe you do not know now specifically want to hear what type of music, but you certainly know what is being done. Analysis and algorithm to classify these songs to fit to listen to scenes of life, thus avoiding the mood to Language, complex genre singer song selection step, you only need to select which scenes (work, relax, or afternoon tea?) you can begin to enjoy the music.
Sounds pretty good, right? Let its characteristics to you one by one:
1 music scene mode - this is the key! It will recommend the most suitable music at this moment to you.
2 great design sense to use interface, high-end Western style!
Easily cache Favourite songs to your phone, no longer have to tangle where to find resources download ~
4 scene + music + Mito "in a special way to record fragments of life and to share the high-end Western style! (Hey, you on this one adjective it?)
5 If you use a different time of the day, you can find the interface will change over time Oh ~
Mass HQ high quality music, so the time to fight headphones.
7 color full sense of the logo on the the iPhone first screen, inadvertently highlights the noble temperament of ice!
(8) Whether you are European and American high-end range of children, the fresh Chinese children or Japan and South Korea trend of children, can be found here like music ~
9 APP ads without interference pollution "three noes" products, downloads without caution.
** In order to better understand and record your music preferences, Melody time need to be logged. Do not think the trouble, we guarantee that these steps are worth it. **
This is not an ordinary music APP, think of it as a very good songs is an excellent tool, but should you find it other powerful features such as: Home of others, and share the record time of fragments, it was not waste of the engineers and designers worked hard day and night black hair yellow hair hard.
On these yet? Of course more than! You can also set your language preference to the song selection, good! A variety of other small details will not say so many words tired, Melody time to listen to music to relax it!

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