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I Like to Paint Letters, Numbers, and Shapes Lite

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Give your kids an app to celebrate their creativity while they learn letters, shapes and numbers! This free I Like to Paint Lite app from School Zone, delivers big learning fun in rainbow colors. Preschoolers and kindergarteners can choose one of four pictures to “paint” from a Mammals image gallery. Pick an image, then select Paint by Letters, Paint by Numbers, or Paint by Shapes. It’s easy! Just touch the color displaying a number, letter, or shape inside it, and then touch the image area with the matching symbol to paint it. Following this pattern throughout the picture, when it’s complete, your child will delight in seeing sparkles and hearing, “You are an amazing artist!” Incorrect moves will result in “almost” or “try again” feedback. Kids can save all the images. Little artists can also choose the smiley face to let their creativity go wild, using any colors they choose. Even then they hear the name pronounced for each color selected. That helps reinforce colors and distinguishes between light and dark shades. Scroll back and forth between images with ease. To spritz away the filled-in colors and try again, touch the spray bottle icon. Like the final result? Share it with Grandma or others by Facebook or e-mail without even leaving the app. Once your little learner has experienced the free pictures, choose from many more available as in-app purchases, including 12 more pictures in the full Mammals gallery, plus four other galleries--Nature, Favorite Foods, Fun Characters, and Things That Go--each with 16 pictures.
• Easy instructions
• 4 cheerful images
• 4 coloring modes
• 24 colors
• Share by e-mail and on Facebook
• Fun and educational!
Skills: colors; numbers; shapes; matching; visual perception; spatial reasoning; following directions
Ages 3-6
School Zone sparks imagination and nurtures children’s natural curiosity. We offer playful, research-based content, brimming with color, creativity and bonus features. A trusted friend to parents and teachers for more than 30 years, we know how kids learn best. Play together with your kids or turn them loose to explore with confidence--no third-party advertising.

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