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・ Notes at the time of purchase
I will download the resource data for the first startup this application .
Thank you, as I will ensure the free space of at least 1.6GB.
· SD card corresponding to the terminal is needed for download .
・ phenomenon is stored in the internal storage part terminals has occurred . I recommend that I have to launch the app again after having opened the internal storage at a time when there is a warning capacity is insufficient despite the capacity of 1.6GB or more on the SD card .
And communication since the amount of large , I recommend that you start the app with Wi-Fi for the first time . In addition , I recommend the download in the state that made the charge .
・ app introduction
The " Academy Apocalypse HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD " , in the Pachislot machine of a real machine to be introduced from ( month ) , the popularity of the same name title animated TV was also in the series in the Monthly Dragon Age , August 05, 2013 from Pachislot manufacturer spiky comic has become with the original .
The Android app , of course, many of directing hot " Gakuen Apocalypse HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD " , I started hero " Komuro Takashi (CV. Suwabe Junichi ) " and " Busujima Saeko (CV. Sawashiro Miyuki ) " , " Miyamoto Rei ( the complete recording of the music and voice of gorgeous actors CV. Inoue Marina ) "," Takagi Saya (CV. Kitamura pear ) "," plain coater (CV. Hiyama Nobuyuki ) "," ball and Shizuka (CV. Fukui Yukari ) " are .
[ App version ] List of Functions
Auto Play
It is a function that will hit the slot automatically.
-Wait time cut
You can omit the wait time , to crisp play without waiting .
And small role Force
It is possible to align in any timing a small role .
・ The play from the beginning to each stage
You can from " Li Challenge " , " All DEAD'S Attack " , " Story of HOTD " , " RAGING RUSH " , " SUPER RAGING RUSH " and " Busujima awakening " , and begin to choose a favorite stage .
・ operating environment
Android 2.3 or higher
・ Operation confirmed models
Galaxy Note SC-05D
Galaxy S II SC-02C
Galaxy S III SC-06D
Galaxy S2 LTE WiMAX SC-03D
Galaxy S3α SC-03E
Galaxy S4 SC-04E
Xperia SX SO-05D
Xperia ray SO-03C
XPeria A SO-04E
REGZA Phone T-02D
HTC J butterfly HTL21
And performance on some terminal , there is the thing that the sound is delayed operation of the reel may become slow .
If the behavior of the application becomes unstable , try playing again provides the ability to restart the app after ending the other apps once , restart the model itself .
- I can not guarantee the movement of operation confirmed another models . Please note .
· There is some non- compatible models . Please note .
[JASRAC license number ]
(C) Daisuke Sato, Shoji Sato / Fujimi Shobo / HOTD Production Committee (C) Spiky (C) DORASU

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