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Rururoro appearance becomes the game together picture !
Prettiness perfect score ! I play fun !
Go for it! Rururoro 'll became a nervous breakdown !
Even small children because it is a simple game !
From being healed Rururoro to kill time an ant !
Anime top form during the broadcast !
It is extreme popularity from high school girls mom and stylish !
From the "School of the bear " the hit picture book series ,
Cute girl twins , Rururoro appeared the app !
Can play simple and easy , it is fun Matching game !
Cute card is a lot !
It might be difficult to go crazy to turn over any illustrations so cute ! ?
! ! How to Play ! !
Let's turn over two cards from the card inside out .
OK cards of the same picture is be nice !
It's clear if you align the card of the picture all the same .
- I can measure the time !
Is it aligned the card pair of all , I'm able to measure the number of seconds .
The best time are recorded , let's do our best with the aim of self- best update !
- Difficulty 'm available!
I can choose two mode " easy " and " difficult " .
"Easy " is eight pieces of card ,
Card is 16 pieces of " difficult " .
Card collection I can!
The card was aligned pair , collection I can!
Let's complete collection to find all pairs !
Stolen heart unintentionally also cute illustration of Rururoro ,
You 'll be hooked in parent and child surely !
It is attention to cute Rururoro Chan heartwarming !
Children and was getting used to play your fingertips ,
When it is a bit boring , try playing all means when I Guzu~tsu !
You should be able infatuated with Rururoro !

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