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Maya the Bee: Flower Party (Light)

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We were extremely impressed with this app and we think that it is really amazing. Little children everywhere will love it. A true classic.
5/5 Educational App Store
Maya the Bee – Flower Party is one of the best apps for toddlers and preschoolers we’ve tested recently.
5/5 top-kids-apps.com
„The most beautiful Maya App to date.“
– bestekinderapps.de
Maya the Bee: Flower Party.
The official App.
--- Please note that the current version of the app can only be used as a trial version in Free Time --
This game requires Android 2.3.3. or higher. This lite-Version of the App is time-bound (15 minutes). After the time has run out, you can upgrade to the full version.
Play and learn with the small, sassy, clever bee and her best friends! Different topics – numbers, colors, music, skill and memory – are learnt playfully with lots of fun and humor!
The full version provides the following features:
It’s Maya the Bee’s birthday and you’re invited to help her prepare the party. Decorations, food, guests – everything that a great party needs can be played for in 6 categories that are both fun and valuable for child development. Bit by bit, Maya’s interactive party fills up with paper lanterns, dancing guests, a lavish buffet and much more.
There’s lots to discover: Maya’s friends and many of the objects react to what the child does with heartwarming animations, thus ensuring long-lasting fun.
Many new elements are unlocked as rewards for successfully completing tasks, and then the journey of discovery can begin!
The App includes 6 mini games:
- Make music with Maya, Flip and Ben
- Help Willy correctly serve the food
- Play hide-and-seek with Lara
- Read Flip’s thoughts
- Find the matching pairs in Ben’s game of memory
- Draw new party decorations
* Self-determined playing, pure fun
* Playful sounds and heartwarming animations
* Charming characters & original graphics
* Child-friendly use
* Child-appropriate content
Bee cool - Bee Happy - Just Bee
User recommendations:
„I was amazed by the quality of the graphics and the animations, which are among the best I’ve seen. “
“While my niece’s mom usually limits her screen time she made an exception with this fantastic educational app.”
"This App is awesome! My son can't keep his hands off it."

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