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Mr PADLOCK App Locker Security Firewall Shield

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Mr PADLOCK App Locker Security Firewall Shield
Easily lock any Android App allowing access only with a simple custom numeric password! Easily implement simple parental locking controls on children's Android devices. Great for locking Apps you don't want anyone else to have access to making your Android mobile device less vulnerable to spying eyes! Secure Apps from nosey snooping people! Protect your Android mobile device from unauthorized access by friends, family, brother, sister, roommates, children, parents, spouse, or anyone who finds your device if it's lost or stolen. Protect sensitive financial data and other information that is for your eyes only. Limit anyone's file and App access on your Android mobile device with a simple numeric password.
Mr PADLOCK can be your Android Guardian Angel putting a shield around any installed Android App, Games, Videos, Music, Emails, SMS (Text Messages), Contacts, Voice, Gmail, Yahoo!, Play Store, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Picasa, Google Maps, Camera, Youtube, Skype, Flickr, Amazon, Google+, Settings, Call History, or any other App you choose!
- Protect sensitive personal and financial data making your Android mobile device security and privacy!
- Great parental firewall allowing access to only the apps you want your kids to have access to!
- Prevent kids from changing your Android mobile device's settings!
- Lock individual Apps or lock entire Android mobile device preventing access to everything!
- Easy touch blacklist controls to simply block app access!
- Firewall Automatically resets after set time! (1 Minute - 1 Hour)
- Any App Mr PADLOCK protects can not be uninstalled without password!
- If Android device is restarted or sleeps, Mr. PADLOCK automatically locks!
- Protects Android mobile device even after power loss or reboot!
- Allow a friend to borrow your Android mobile device without worrying about them seeing your data!
- Never worry about friends, parents, spouse, or anyone else gaining access to your Android device!
- Rest assured that your private financial and personal data will not be accessed by unwanted eyes!
Once installed open Mr. PADLOCK and customize the options, for 100% protection we recommend the following settings:
Auto Start Mr PADLOCK = CHECK Auto Wakeup Mr PADLOCK After Reboot
Edit Password = SET A Numeric password only you will remember.
Firewall Rules = CHECK Require Password Each Time The Firewalled App Is Launched
Firewall Timeout = SET From 1 Minute - 1 Hour (Longer Time = Less Security)
Blacklist App Recommendations:
- Package Installer
- Play Store
- Settings
- File Manager
- Downloads
- Email
- Add Any Other Android App With Sensitive Data
An alternative option for extra security is to simply block all apps (See button on Blacklist)
WARNING: Placing a Firewall around 'Settings' App will block all access to this feature on Android. If the Mr PADLOCK numeric password is forgotten the only way to access it will be a complete factory Android OS reinstall. DO NOT LOOSE YOUR PASSWORD! The default password if it has not been changed is 1234. If you forget your password WE CAN NOT unlock it you will need to reset your device to the factory setup loosing any information that is not backed up externally from the Android mobile device. We are not responsible for any loss of data as a result of lost passwords and the use of this App.
Mr PADLOCK is part of the Androidputing Inc. complete security package for Android mobile devices, for more information and other Android Apps please see our website: http://www.androidputing.com
This APP is Open Source under the GNU License Version 3.0, license and source code are available at our website: http://www.androidputing.com
Need Help? Visit our website for FREE App support http://www.androidputing.com

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