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KX3 Companion

Preis: 6.99 USD

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The KX3 Companion in an app that will let the power use of your Elecraft KX3 HF radio easier and lighter. No need for a PC!
It will let you send and receive CW, PSK31 and RTTY by using your device keyboard. You can also use an external Bluetooth keyboard.
You can set up to 20 macros to that can use dynamic symbols to have Call, Name, QTH and Locator automatically updated.
It connects to your KX3 by using the USB Serial cable that comes with the radio. You'll also need an inexpensive OTG Cable adapter to connect the serial USB to your mobile device. You can find them for a very few dollars. No other cables are needed!
The KX3 Companion app also let you record full QSOs and log them to eventually export them to your favorite QSO logging software.
With the new SWR Meter you can sweep a frequency range and the app shows you a chart with SWR values. You can select from 3 to 13 steps, each step can be from 5 to 500 kHz.
NEW FEATURES: Audio Spectrum and Waterfall!
Selecting the "SPECTRUM" tool, the app shows the audio spectrum. For devices allowing that, you can also attach the KX3 Audio OUT to the device Audio IN for a better signal. The spectrum shows the DSP filter center frequency/bandwidth. By touching the spectrum you read the shift and frequency of every single line. You can zoom in and out to have larger spectrum bandwidth.
Selecting the "WATERFALL" tool, you can see how the spectrum evolved over time. It is very useful feature to spot every signal even the weakest ones!
Now with TOUCH QSY! Super-easy and precise.
With KX3 Companion you can:
- Send and receive CW, PSK31 and RTTY using your device keyboard
- Read and Write messages with space for hundreds of characters (depending on your mobile phone or tablet screen size)
- XMIT (Chat) Mode - Transmit as you type. Perfect mode to be used with an external Bluetooth keyboard.
- Switch mode (CW, PSK31, RTTY)
- Set the frequency and go up/down bands
- Record and recall up to 10 totally customized macros (20 on tablets with large enough displays)
- 4 dynamic symbols for Call, Name, QTH and Locator to be used on macros (you can customize the symbols)
- Set the CW WPM (Words Per Minute) value with a slider
- Have up to 10 presets to set power, ATU or whatever you want to program
- Customize the serial baudrate, dynamic symbols and date formats to adapt the app to your setup and needs
- Record full QSO logs (everything you send and receive is recorded)
- Log your QSO in CSV and ADIF formats
- Log received/send RST and received/sent contest serial numbers
- QSO log is recoded in the DB (Sqlite)
- automatic check for already worked CALLs (tells you how many times/when/band/mode)
- Long click of LOG button, opens the list of all the QSO
- long press of the CALL field opens QRZ.com page for that CALL
- Audio spectrum and waterfall to easy find signals
- SWR Meter to sweep a frequency range and see the SWR values over that range
- Compatible with Elecraft K3 as well
- Support for remote control of the KX3. Instructions here: http://kx3companion.com/kx3remote
- Support for Piglet (http://pignology.net/piglet). Instructions here: http://kx3companion.com/piglet
And that is just a start. We are planning more features like eQSL.cc, serial over Bluetooth support and audio spectrum/waterfall display.
Please read the MANUAL to fully understand the potential of KX3Companion: You can find it here:
If you'd like to see more features contact us at kx3companion@gmail.com or connect to our forum:
Remember that to connect the Elecraft KX3 to your mobile device you need the serial USB cable coming with the radio and an OTG USB cable adapter. Also make sure that your device is not locked to the use of OTG cables. Some carriers (like Sprint Wireless) may do so. Please check with their customer service.
Andrea IU4APC

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