Erotic Cowboy Story Collection

Publisher: Nina Moon
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Cowboy Romance: 4 Erotic Cowboy Short Stories. Fantasize about strong, sexy cowboy lovers? Dream about hot, steamy cowboy sex encounters? In this cowboy romance book, you'll find 4 highly titillating erotic cowboy short stories sure to satisfy your cowboy lover fantasy.

Erotic Cowboy Story 1: Back Country Roadside Assistance

While driving through the back country of Colorado, Maggie pushes the limits of her old car on the steep, winding roadways. When her car finally breaks down, Maggie tries to call for help but can't get any cell phone service. Left with no other choice than to walk & try to find some help, she sets off in the direction of a ranch she past while driving. Along the way, a handsome cowboy sees her walking & offers his help. The handsome cowboy takes her to the ranch & as luck would have it, he knows the owner. They are graciously offered food & water & anything they might need to fix Maggie's car. However, before her cowboy rescuer can get to tending to her car, he does a bit of tending to some of Maggie's more intimate needs first.

Erotic Cowboy Story 2: Western Wedding Party Rendezvous

Lexie is long-distance co-planning her best friends wedding with Trevor, the grooms best man. He lives in Colorado & works at the ski resort where the wedding & reception are to take place. Lexie and Trevor are still enjoying their free-spirited younger years & are not looking to commit like their friends are. Lexie & Trevor promised that despite their busy itinerary they would find some time to sneak away for an intimate rendezvous. Midway through the reception, they do just that. Lexie & her cowboy lover find a place of opportunity to intimately enjoy each other, with just enough time to get back for the cutting of the wedding cake.

Erotic Cowboy Story 3: Dude Ranch Vacation

Alissa takes a much needed vacation with a couple of her girlfriends to a dude ranch in New Mexico. Not having much personal fun or intimate relationships in quite some time, Alissa's friends promise her adventure, horses and sexy cowboys. Taking a liking to one of the main ranch hands who offers her personal horseback riding lessons, Alissa anxiously looks forward to the one-on-one instruction from the incredibly handsome cowboy. Alissa is surprised by how strong & gentle her handsome cowboy is. And, his stories show his sensitive & passionate side that only further serves to make her all the more attracted to him. Her cowboy then takes her on a short trail ride away from any of the other ranch guests to a very private wooded area with a brook. Alissa soon gets to enjoy all that adventure, horses and sexy cowboy part her friends promised her, when the sexual tension between her & the sexy cowboy blossoms into an intimate afternoon interlude.

Erotic Cowboy Story 4: Montana Snow

Christine, a painter from Chicago, has relocated to the middle of beautiful Montana. Six months after her move, in the dead of winter, Christine realizes how powerful the winter storms of Montana can be. After 2 days of non-stop snow & no electricity or heat, Christine finds herself in a predicament. She has failed to prepare for winter by neglecting to cut or acquire any wood to heat her home. Desperate to not freeze to death she seeks help from her closest neighbor more than 2 miles away. Arriving at her neighbors doorstep near frozen, she is greeted by one of the sexiest men she has ever seen. The handsome cowboy native invites her in & offers her refuge from the dangerous winter elements. They enjoy getting to know one another in front of the fireplace when he suggests that she stay longer. Showing her rooms where she can stay, he also directs her to his master bathroom & offers to boil some water for her to take a hot bath. Christine flirtatiously implies that he might like to join her in taking a bath & soon her & her sexy cowboy lover are heating things up in a much more intimate way.

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