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Agora Go - Weiqi, Igo, Baduk

Publisher: Agora Go, Inc
Preis: 2.50 USD

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Main features:
* local games for 2 players
* SGF viewer, perfect for Go problems and game review
* interface for Android phones, tablets and laptops
* open .sgf and .SGF files directly from many file managers
* import games in SGF files from the web
(compatible with the main browsers)
Additional features offered in the paid version:
* ~80 games preloaded from the famous Kisei Japanese title
(including all games from 2000 until 2013)
* support multiple games per SGF file to easily import
collection of Go games / problems at once
Detailed features:
* option to display games fullscreen
* 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19 board sizes
* handicap games up to 9 stones
* games saved automatically (pause/resume)
* list of saved games with thumbnails
* scoring with selection of dead stones
* komi (7.5 by default, 0.5 for handicap games)
* detection of Ko situations
* playback games once finished
* navigate through different variations during playback
* play with single / double tap or on-screen button
* play with trackball on compatible devices
* portrait and landscape modes both supported
* option to display board coordinates
* display comments & markups for Go problems (tsumego)
* comments can be added/edited during games and reviews
* export games in SGF files on the built-in storage
(in the "Agora Go" directory)
* English and French translations
Release Notes:
version 4.2 (Dec 11, 2013)
* support the new immersive fullscreen mode that
completely hides the system/navigation bars
(on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or later)
* prevent the cursor from continuing to blink after
finishing to edit comments
* improve the navigation in Go problems (joseki)
and the playback of saved games
version 4.1 (Sep 02, 2013)
* now compatible with TV!
* playback using the color keys, often found in that order on recent TV remotes
- red: rewind 10 moves
- green: rewind 1 move
- yellow: go to next move
- blue: fast forward 10 moves
* and more features on long press
- red: back to the first move
- green: go to previous variation, if any
- yellow: go to next variation, if any
- blue: fast forward to the last move
version 4.0 (May 13, 2013)
* pre-load ~80 games to study from the famous Kisei Japanese title
(including all games from 2000 until 2013)
* support import of SGF files containing collection of games, making
easy to load a lot of Go games / Go problems at once!
* improved compatibility with multiple user accounts on tablets
(as introduced starting with Android 4.2)
* new icon displayed for games than have never been opened yet
version 3.10 (Mar 31, 2013)
* option to choose the komi value when creating a new game
* button added on tablets to navigate back through variations
* improved UI layout and button graphics
version 3.9 (Feb 23, 2013)
* choice of the filename when exporting games
* filename saved when importing SGF files
* new option to resume on-going (imported) games
* fewer situations where no thumbnail is saved
* better UI translation
* a few speed improvements
version 3.8 (Dec 22, 2012)
* improved UI on devices with no hardware navigation buttons
* similar game layout now shared on 7" & 10" tablets
version 3.7 (Dec 11, 2012)
* new option in the settings to disable the automatic screen timeout
* now properly respect the "Auto-rotate screen" system preference
version 3.6 (Jul 17, 2012)
* new settings page offering several options:
- single or double-tap to add stones during games
- single or double-tap to navigate in saved games
- fullscreen mode when displaying the Go board
- display board coordinates
version 3.5 (Jun 25, 2012)
* many improvements when navigating in finished / imported games:
- cursor now displayed during playback
- rewind / fast forward now compatible with trackball/dpad
- improved navigation through variations (supporting the various styles proposed in the options)
- more accurate rewind when selecting already played stones
- improved markup while also displaying variations

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