Undead vs Plants - Cool Ricochet Gunner Shooting Game

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Set out on an exciting adventure through dark caves and sunny beaches in search of nasty monstrous plants and help the zombie get rid of these pests he has grown sick of! This fast-paced, addictive game will become one of your faves in no time!
Undead vs Plants is a ricochet shooting game. The rules of the game are simple: aim and fire and hope the bullets go your way. The bullets bounce off of everywhere, so try using as less as possible to finish with the plants in this extremely fun arcade shooter!
The game has 150 levels, all of which are special in their own way. Try solving the puzzle and passing all the levels with max number of stars! But, beware! The ammo is limited so you will have to be careful and tricky in order to pass the levels and stay alive. This game is a great brain trainer as you will have to use your wits and strategy to finish off each and every plant on the screen.
Ricochet kills is the only thing that can destroy these plants – aim at the right angle, and use your bullets wisely. Using different helps and upgrades will be very helpful in your adventure! This shooting game offers
- Smack Attack when you get stuck on any level,
- Ammo Revival when you shoot all of the bullets and plants are still alive
- Bouncing Bullets that ricochet more times
- One More, Please and you'll get additional bullet in the pack!
- Shoot the enemy and travel through different worlds – from blurry caves to sunny beaches and wild jungles.
If you are a fan of physics or are familiar with its basic laws, this game will be a fun pastime joy. And if ricochet kills or zombie games sounds appealing, then you're definitely on the right track! The game offers an intense experience for hardcore gamers, yet it is simple enough for all of you who still haven't caught the gaming fever. Check it out and get tickets for this crazy monster ride!

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