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With MicTester you can acquire the digital signal of the microphone channel. This signal can be visualized and zoomed up to see a single sample or saved to a .csv file for further elaborations. MicTester is also a Real Time Analyzer (RTA) and allows you to perform a very accurate audio spectral analysis of the signal. Like a true oscilloscope, MicTester features a trigger circuit that allows you to easily capture a single pulse or non-repetitive sequences. You can also use MicTester as a sound level meter and measure A-Weighted SPL according to IEC61672.
Starting from v.1.6, MicTester can analyze WAV signals streamed via TCP/IP and supports 44k1/48k/96k/192k sampling frequencies (16/24 bit).
Here are some typical MicTester applications:
- Performance tests on internal phone mic (or ext microphones)
- Machinery resonances detector
- Detection of frequency feedbacks
- Acustics analyses
- Sound level metering
- Music, piano, guitar and speaker tuning
Main specs:
- Input sources: analog internal/external mic, streaming WAV (compatible with UARecorder app)
- Time & frequency domain visualization
- 3D spectrum analyzer (Waterfall and XYZ)
- Sweep or Strip-Chart time mode
- Trigger functions (single,auto,normal,pre-trigger,slope,level)
- Autorange and averaging functions
- Full pan & pinch zoom
- XY cursors
- Vertical measurement cursors
- Frequency range: 0...22050 Hz (analog), up to 96000 Hz (WAV)
- Frequency peak detector (1Hz resolution)
- Spectrum energy measurements, SPL (IEC61672)
- Linear or logarithmic frequency scale
- Curve/bars/points display mode
- Images and data can be saved in internal memory or attached to emails
- Data are exported in .csv format
- User guide included

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