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App: "remote control" LilloNet Inc. © LITE VERSION ~ ~ Recesioni by blogs: 1) 2) 3) / NkN82i 4) DOWNLOAD AND INFO SERVER: FOLLOW the instructions in the .rar file or follow the video on youtube: VIDEO: have any problems, bugs, suggestions, special requests, please email me via the email field below tab of the app. Or via the following links: 1) Google+: http: // 2) Facebook: What has this app different from the existing ones for the remote control? First of all, as you can see from the card or for those who have already proven, weighs about 2 MB rounded up, with this open big thoughts: 1) more efficiently 2) less lag 3) less space Other reasons could be the difference features, namely: in this app that I can sviluppat to RECEIVE NOTIFICATION OF WHATS aPP oN YOUR PC, PRINT FILES DIRECTLY FROM CELL, photos, text, pdf, etc., to have a remote task manager with real and effective open Tasks (for the more experienced), a real remote file explorer, which has built other functions such as cancel, ENTER oN YOUR ANDROID, edit, rename, ect ... to open a file in the list. And many other features: such as storing more PCs, which if they change status from online to offline, or from offline to online is signaled by a message, even if the app is closed and many more to discover ... Description: With this app and 'can connect directly from your Android device to the computer stored in the settings of the' app, which will be 'can use the functions available, listed below, and check it. In practice connects two operating systems with different architectures. List of functions available at the moment (10/15/14) 1.Connessione Remote PC (Server) via WI-FI and 3G network (and changing parameters in the admin area router). 2.Shutdown remote computer 3.Avvio Explorer remotely 4.USING the arrow keys 5.Chiusura an app in relief. 6.Avvio the Command Prompt 7.Aumento / Decreased Volume (System Volume) 8.ScreenShoot real-time 9.Tasti: Enter, Tab, Space Bar, inc. 10) Screen Screen PC Remember and 'LITE version !! BEFORE LEAVING A NEGATIVE RATING, READ HERE :) If you have any problems, bugs, suggestions, special requests, please email me via the email field below tab of the app. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEVELOPER ASSUMES NO resposabilità 'USE AND THAT YOU WILL REMEMBER THAT THERE IS NO DATA RETAINED.

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