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Mutant Survival Block Ninja Shooter Pixel Games

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In a world where militant officials hold the world in their iron grip, there is no room for ordinary. Only one of the highest skills and training can dare to ever challenge the cunning warlord and his blocky foot clans. The ultimate test of skills awaits you. The world needs a hero. Are you ready to brave this explosive frontier and navigate deadly enemies in this no.1 highly anticipated first person shooter action game?
Fans of free online action games will love the challenging game play and awesome HD pixel graphics of this FPS game. Oppose aggressive enemy mobs, navigate winding worlds and challenging obstacles, and land explosive weapons. See and feel the action in this retro-styled block world game and test your survival skills. The call to action is now.
In the remote hills of an ancient village sits a school unlike any other. Beneath a rising sun, gifted children orphaned at birth are brought from all over the world. Under the guidance of Sensei, these Chosen Ones are groomed in all manner of discipline and are raised as warriors. Protected in the foothills of these majestic mountains, students have trained endlessly, honing their skills as ninja warriors. As their training nears the end, their camp is besieged by dark enemy forces that cripple their defences. One by one the students fall, until only you are left, star pupil of the revered Sensei.
With the wise words of your teacher guiding you, it is time to face this nefarious warlord and his dark war clans. The future looks grim unless you can gather the strength from your training and hunt these evil barbarians and restore peace to the worlds. It's time to show the world what you are made of and build your own heroic ending.
Under the cover of nightfall, stealth armies appear from the mists, using fists and weapons alike. There is no room for error when you confront these foes. Only precision aiming and skilled combat can overpower these elite agents. It's time to take back the streets and show this mob boss who is the ultimate warrior.
The fight for victory begins in the dank underground sewers where seedy underworld villains appear by the numbers, each more dangerous than the next. These blood-thirsty foes are underhanded and numerous and they certainly don't play fair. Their lair is rife with various tunnels that take you in circles. Don't get cornered! Many of these lead to dead ends.
If you have the fortitude to overpower those lowlifes, you must proceed aboveground where your mission is to rid the world of the villains who lurk in the dark corners of the city streets. Stygian stars tremble above yellowed city lights as you battle with skilled ninjas who are waiting to pounce as you navigate the winding streets to confront these cunning warriors atop famed buildings of epic proportions. Here quick reflexes mean the difference between success and plummeting to your doom.
With these underhanded foes vanquished, it's time to fight the final battle. The nefarious warlord awaits you in his dockside mansion, but along the way you must confront mob bosses whose sole job it is to stop you in your pursuit to end this reign of terror once and for all. Prepare yourself to be swarmed with more enemies than ever as you fight for ultimate victory. Only one can win. Will it be you?
This game app is NOT associated or connected with Mojang AB and it's game Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.

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