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Block Survival Wars (Shooter City Games)

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Enter the dark realm of Block Shooter Wars - Survival City Games, a land that is precariously perched on the edge of The Abyss, and the fate of a nation rests in the hands of one man, Defender of the Gods. In a world that is split between two halves– a light side and a dark side–a terrible war rages.
The ultimate fight between good and evil is at hand and the fate of the blocky universe rests solely in your shoulders. In this strategy game, you play s the hero of a world that is slowly being eclipsed by The Darkness.
This is the ultimate survival game where you must crush enemy clans and dominate the playing field as you narrowly escape death. Hidden items and a variety of weapons will aid you in your quest, but only skill, timing, and good old fashioned luck will be the ultimate test of survival.
*** Rate kindly! Block Wars: Survival City is full of epic game play and as such the levels are MASSIVE. Please don't penalize us with a one-star review if load time takes awhile, after all, this is a great game and we just wanted to ensure this game was fully loaded with as much action packed fun as we could fit into each level.***
The Abyss, a place on the shadows and evil, has been growing over centuries, eclipsing the realms with annihilation.
Reigning terror over his lands, the dark knight has placed his mercenaries like chess pawns over the land, seemingly blending in with the populace until no one is sure who might be the true eyes and ears to this war wizard. Waiting, planning... scheming... the dark knight has plotted his domination of the realms for longer than anyone dare count, and now finally his will is being carried out to the deviation of the nations. Unreachable in his isolated region, the dark knights seems immortal, but there is one yet who dares to challenge this belief... one who knows the dangers and yet proceeds still in the name of his fate and the fate of all the kingdom.
~Level One~
No one has dared even considered ways to access The Abyss–no one but you, that is. Entering the dark labyrinth of the underworld, this treacherous path littered with traps and the Undead, you arm yourself with courage and prepare for the worst. Here in this bleak world you will face the terror only spoken of in legends.
~Level Two~
An island of unimaginable doom awaits you on this other side. Bridges that hang limp over a deep chasm of nothingness threaten your victory. Here, between worlds, death is a constant companion as snipers attempt to rid their realm of your lightness.
The islands, drenched in perpetual darkness, are lit only by the flames of stolen souls, and it is they who light your path, saying a silent prayer for your victory. These scattered isles are a jungle of dead undergrowth and perilous turns. The end is neigh unless you can unleash a fury of strength upon your enemies.
~Level Three~
Considering himself a god worthy of worship, the dark knight marks his presence in the temple of purgatory, where only his most skilled warriors reside, stationed like sentries throughout the looming colonnades of the exterior of the temple. Within the open floor plan of this empty house of worship lies the heart of fear itself, but if you can survive Block Wars: Survival City, you can survive anything.
• Collect hidden weapons that include: Axe, Mace, Sword, Bare Fist, Crossbow, Hunter's Bow and Uzi
• Selection of ammo, health, and speed pickups help you on your adventure
• Choose weapons easily or fight hand-to-hand for the ultimate survival experience
• Entity map with real-time aerial views of oncoming enemies
• As you progress through the game you will find that enemies will increase and pickups will decrease
• Navigate three challenging levels
This game app is NOT associated or connected with Mojang AB and it's game Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is NOT endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.

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