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Score Fast Pro: compose, notate, play, print music

Publisher: Resounz
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: 7.99 USD

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Music notation is simple and fast with Score Fast Pro.
Score Fast Pro helps you to quickly "score" (compose, notate) music. You can edit, listen to, save, share and print your compositions, musical ideas, music teaching resources, etc.
- Compose and edit your music faster than writing it on paper simply by selecting a note, rest or other musical notation and then tapping on your score.
- Your music is displayed just like printed music, for true "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editing.
- Your scores are displayed either as a continuous score or as pages ready for printing.
- All editing “options” are displayed in a scrollable row that can be easily shown/hidden. All editing options are also available in menus. The most common editing options are always available above the score. You can use whatever is most convenient to you.
- Add a note, rest, instrument, etc. and your score automatically scrolls to where you need to be.
- Your score can be scrolled in any direction.
- Notes are automatically grouped according to the time signature.
- Move notes and rests up/down.
- Easily add/delete instruments at any time - including transposing instruments, and common ensembles.
- Your score can have any number of instruments, and any number of measures/bars.
- Notate simple triplets, as well as complex tuplets (such as 5:3, 7:4, etc.).
- Add/change key signatures.
- Add time signature changes.
- Key signatures and pasted notes are automatically transposed according to the instrument’s transposition.
- Change the tempo of your score.
- Edit your score’s title, composer and copyright notice.
- Compose using written or sounding pitch - and swap between the two easily.
- Compose for up to 4 "voices" (musical lines) in all staffs/staves of instruments such as keyboards and strings.
- Add/remove repeats and final double measure/bar lines.
- Add up to 5 lines of lyrics to any staff/stave.
- Add chord names to any note or rest.
- Copy/paste within an individual staff/stave, or to any other staff/stave in your score, or to any other score in Score Fast Pro.
- Unlimited undo/redo.
- Zoom quickly in/out as much as you want.
- Display note letter names, and/or note octave, and/or MIDI numbers on notes.
- Use American or British notation terms.
- Play your score and watch it auto-scroll to the playing notes.
- Play your score from any measure/bar.
- Play your score with selected staffs/staves muted.
- Your score is auto-saved every two minutes whilst editing.
- When selecting an existing score to open you can listen to any score, view details about any score, and delete any score.
- Save your scores as PDF documents and as images (PNG).
- Print your scores to almost any printer and page size in the world.
- Share your scores as music (MIDI) and images (PNG).
- Customise Score Fast Pro for your personal use.
- Designed for smart phones and tablets; works the same way on all devices.
- Helpful reminders are displayed if you try to do something musically incorrect.
- Help is readily available within Score Fast Pro. Inline help is available by long pressing on any “option”. All functionality is thoroughly documented.
- No network connection is required.
- There are no annoying ads - the whole screen is yours.

Score Fast Pro has many educational uses:
- Learning note names.
- Remembering key signatures.
- Experimenting with time signatures.
- Understanding transposition.
- Rhythm and melody dictation exercises.
- Practising interval recognition.
- Preparing music theory exercises.
- Developing music notation skills in general.
- The possibilities are endless.
Score Fast Pro can help you with your practice by notating a passage in Score Fast Pro, and then practising the passage at the same time as you play it in Score Fast Pro in a wide range of tempos. Difficult rhythms, such as complex tuplets, can be played accurately by Score Fast Pro.
Score Fast Free is also available.

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