Mouse-e-matics Maths KS1 ages 5-7 - add, take-away, multiply & divide.

Publisher: Tapcom Ltd.
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Let Millie Mouse guide you through a series of simple tests to test and enhance your Key Stage 1 mathematics. With her animated antics and cute voice you will be compelled to beat your high scores in tests designed to challenge and engage. Improve your addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. With an easy settings system to specify how many questions are asked and what the maximum value of numbers shown is its easy to tailor this application to any level of year 1 or year 2 maths development. Each question is introduced by Millie Mouse, and a visual representation of the equation is shown at the top of the screen. One of the equations numbers is shown as a ? (question mark) and below are 3 choices, one of which will be the correct answer. Get it wrong and Millie helps you a little by removing the wrong answer and giving you another chance, get it right and she will cheer you onto the next equation. When the test is finished, your score is shown against the high score and Millie makes a comment. This app is designed for children from 5 to 7 years old, it is to supplement and re-enforce in an easy and fun way the maths they have been learning at school in years one and two. By altering the settings you can slowly increase the difficulty as the player gets better. The score is calculated by how quickly each question is solved, so better scores come from faster responses. Again improving their mental math ability. Though designed for the UK, this app can help children throughout the world.

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