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学研の頭脳開発 「ちえのおけいこ3歳」

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The full application of the "three-year-old lesson of wisdom" of "brain development series of Gakken" longtime seller of young children work more than 39 million total-part series. 3-year-olds, is the time you will be able to develop discriminative power to identify such as color and shape. Therefore, the correct understanding and awareness, be provided with a decision is important. In this app, I want the lesson to extend the ability of such "power of observation", "judgment", "thinking", "reasoning power",through the lesson , such as "drawing" and "maze" and "line connection". ---- App Features ----[Point1] In a variety of content your children go crazy, I will continue a long time without getting tired. I record all 57 questions "drawing" , "maze" , "line connection" , "comparing the size" , "looking for the same thing" , "Nakamawake" and "mistake looking". In a variety of content, I will continue a long time without getting tired. [Point2] While step up a little bit at a time, learning firm He started from the problem simple and gentle at first, elements such as color and shape is complicated little by little. While step up little by little, because the iterative learning, it sticks to the body firmly. [Point3] Voice narration with the issue of all Voice narration so that with every problem, there is no need to'll read the problem is always to be near adults. Also one child can not read the characters, you can use it with confidence. [Point4] And "Ganbarishiru", "reward medal" function If you can well the lesson is, "Ganbarishiru" will get. Seal Yuki accumulated in the seal book, I can be checked at any time. In addition, you can to your child that you are working hard, we will send you a "reward medal". It is affixed to the TOP page of the application, each time you launch the app, "reward medal" will pull out the motivation of the children. In praise a lot, let's extend the capacity and motivation of the children.

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