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High quality!! Celebrity checkup & Funny collages Camera

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This is a new, super high quality version of the popular face checkup app!! It utilizes the same face authentication system used for security based on identity verification to detect the celebrities that look like you. Even if you think you do not look alike, since these results are detected by the system, there must be at least some feature that looks similar. If you think this is not true, please go ahead and take a picture of a celebrity from the internet and carry out a checkup for them! Now, let’s see. Who do you look like? AKB48, Momokuro!? A Johnny’s personality such as those from ARASHI or NEWS!? Or do you look more like a comedian, or a popular announcer!? If you get a name that you do not know, check it out by tapping on the button to look up the celebrity on Yahoo. Maybe you can use it when you do your self-introduction next time you go to a party to meet new people^^ Below is the amount of facial data for target celebrities as of December 2014. Male data: 1313 / Female data: 2071 There are many types of target celebrities: actors and actresses, singers, comedians, athletes, Korean stars, announcers, child actors, Taiwanese celebrities, and even Hollywood stars! We add new data every day, so if you keep doing checkups, you may find celebrities that look more and more like you! Other features include detecting your face out of the picture taken to add it to a funny collage! The app also includes a function to share the results of your checkup with your friends by email or LINE, and of course Facebook and Twitter too!!! Try it out with your friends! ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ How to use 1. Launch the app and choose whether you want to do a celebrity checkup or make a collage. 2. If you are doing a celebrity checkup, choose the gender: female, male, or neutral. (By choosing neutral you allow celebrities of both genders to become search targets.) 3. The camera app will be launched. Take a picture of your face and click on the words “Use picture” at the bottom of the screen. 4. You will be prompted to the face selection screen. Click on the green square. 5. If you are making a collage, you can choose to use pictures from your camera or albums. Afterwards, the steps to follow are the same as with the celebrity checkup. 【Attention】 ・This app is not supposed to provide a correct match. Please use it to liven up the atmosphere and have fun. ・Due to the large amount of facial data registered on the app, you may get different celebrities that have similar expressions. ・Pictures taken with this app will not be saved on the server or your device. Please rest assured of this, and enjoy.

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