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all 4 hue (for Philips Hue)

Publisher: Dr. Rene Wahl
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: Gratis

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'all 4 hue' is the most sophisticated and easy-to-use app for configuring your Philips Hue lighting system. This very complete app provides much more features and stability than all competing Apps. It is the best rated Philips Hue app. See for yourself:
# Configure lights #
- Enable/disable lights
- Change colors, saturation and brightness
- Arrange several lights in different groups
# Create and recall scenes #
- Create and recall scenes
- Scene colors are directly shown in the scene list
- Scenes are stored in Philips Hue Bridge and not locally in this app, i.e. you can see and access all your scenes from different devices
# Use NFC tags to activate scenes #
- Copy your scenes to NFC tags
- Afterwards put your device near the NFC tag in order to recall the corresponding scene
# Place scenes on the home screen of your device #
- Use included widget feature to put scenes directly on your home screen for quick access
- Even more actions can be executed with widgets
# Use timers & alarms #
- Create, modify and delete countdown timers and alarms
- Also modify and delete timers & alarms generated with other apps
# Work with sophisticated rules #
- Create and organize rules which are stored in your Philips Hue bridge
- Define much more sophisticated rules for Philips Hue Tap/Dimmer as with all the other apps, e.g. enable and disable scenes with only one button; let the lights flash with a Hue Tap/Dimmer button; zap from one scene to the next scene with a Hue Tap/Dimmer button.
- Activate scenes automatically shortly before sunset or disable lights shortly after sunrise
- Let Hue Tap or Dimmer buttons behave different by day and by night
- Use the integrated rule wizard to create easily also very complex rule constructions
# Add and organize sensors & devices #
- In order to really program your Philips Hue Bridge you can add additional virtual sensors
- Virtual sensors can be used to store natural numbers
- Natural numbers can be integrated (read/write) in your individual rules
# Call attention to incoming calls, SMS, messages and notifications #
- Flash lights when receiving calls or SMS
- Flash lights when other apps send notifications (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.)
- Activate scenes automatically when you return to your home (by using Wifi events on your device)
# Enjoy special effects #
- Disco effect controls your lights with respect to rhythm of music
- More effects will follow
# Call functions of this app from external other apps (e.g. Tasker) #
- More information about how this works see app community
# Technical information #
- This app requires Philips Hue lighting system
- This app supports Hue Tap, Hue Dimmer and Hue Motion Sensor
This app is available as free trial version without advertisements but with some limitations. The trial version is mainly available to check if the app fits to your needs and if it works fine with your Android device and your Philips Hue system.
Let me point out that the app permissions are required in order to react on incoming sms and phone calls. Other permissions are necessary in order to configure the daylight sensor with GPS coordinates correctly and to read/write the app settings.
Please feel free to participate in the community:
In case of any suggestions or technical problems the author would like to receive a mail instead of a bad rating. Ratings with 1 star without any reason or comment do not help to improve the app. Thank you.

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