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Publisher: ITOTSUKA
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: 1.80 USD

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When I went for a karaoke, can there be the thing that "what shall the next sing?" thinks "what is the music that I thought of to sing last time??"
But it is hard to consider that I write it in the common memo pad and I join with other memos and am hard to manage it!
It is the memo application for exclusive use of the karaoke for such a person.
As well as a singer name and a title of a musical composition, I can record the information only by the karaoke including the setting of the key.
As for dividing it into a genre of the oneself preference including "a favorite" and "music to swell!"
I search the music that a real karaoke model contains and can register it even if I do not understand an official title of a musical composition!
I select music by "selection of music to entrust you" easily if captivated by music to sing ♪
If there are malfunction or a request, please tell me in a review.
I list it in total, and the model name, please on this occasion.
※ When you want to move the data from a trial version, please perform the following procedures.
Procedure 1 backs it up with a trial version.
Procedure 2 is for pay and performs the reconstruction of "backup data" (trial version).
★★★ Main function ★★★
・ Key setting
・ Tag charge account
・ Registration music search
・ The lyrics automatic acquisition
・ I entrust you and select music
・ Den sargasso search
・ Import
・ Backup
★★★ A function is detailed ★★★
[music registration]
I can register the following contents.
・ To singer name ※ 50 characters
・ To title of a musical composition ※ 100 characters
・ To tag (favorites) ※ 30 characters
・ Key
・ Rate (the degrees that I want to sing)
・ Song check
・ Memo
[list sort]
I can sort the contents of the list on a singer name and a title of a musical composition, a registration day.
[collective editing]
Tag setting, a song finished check, deletion of plural music (singer) is possible.
[the automatic acquisition of the lyrics]
I am connected to the network and can confirm the lyrics.
※ I can confirm it from a detailed information screen of the music.
[registration music search]
I can search the music that enrolled in a karaoke memo.
The close condition designation is possible.
[I entrust you and select music]
I choose the music in random from the music that enrolled in a karaoke memo.
A tag and a singer can appoint it as a condition.
When I was troubled with selection of music, it is convenient!
[den sargasso search]
I am connected to the network and search music.
The music that I searched can enroll in a karaoke memo.
I automatically register the information of the music file which is in the terminal.
I optimize data information and correct the sort order of a search and the list in the terminal.
I back up all information enrolling in a karaoke memo.
The backup data are used in a reconstruction function.
※ An SD card is required in existing Ver
[the reconstruction]
I restore the data which I backed up.
Data are initialized before the reconstruction once.
I initialize all data.
The data which I backed up are not deleted.
★★★ Careful ★★★
I use the built-in memory domain of the terminal for the preservation of data.
Being able to store the memo when there are few memory areas, and a number decreasing may not save it.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
★★★ Required environment ★★★
・ More than Android OS 2.3.3
★★★ Recommended environment ★★★
・ More than Android OS 4.0.3

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