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This app is a Camera to shoot beautiful night view.
A lack of light at night causes a lot of noise absolutely.
Such as shooting at dusk, it seems enough bright to shoot but the photo is surprisingly noisy!
Long exposure makes noise disappears. But you need to fix a camera on a tripod to take a steady photo.
"Night Shooting" will solve this problem.
Noise will be cleaned by synthetic composites, automatic stabilization feature.And we can take a beautiful night photo with holding a camera by hand.
[ How to use]
( 1 ) Select Shooting Mode
And selects the mode according to the purpose normal , composite , valve , and continuous
(2) Select the size
I will select the size S, M, L, HD

(3) Select the aspect
I choose vision, 4:3,3:2 , from the wide
(4 ) Adjustment focus , exposure
Touch on the screen and adjust focus , exposure
( 5 ) Shooting
Self-timer , screen anywhere supported by the touch shutter.
( 6 ) Select editing , save raw data, or re-take
- Edit: You can edit freely in the edit screen
※ select Edit to save to the camera roll or to share a photo.
- Save raw data : it is important to save the data for the time being , you can edit it later
※ You can display the data list with the icon of the lower left corner of the screen shooting.
The four shooting modes
※ Normal mode
Is a normal shooting mode.
※ composite mode
The camera shake correction is performed + composite synthesis.
Even in dark scenery almost, if the appropriate amount of light enough to be visible, can be hand-held shooting.
Even after adjustment for very bright, clean image will be surprisingly little noise.
This is quite useful and powerful night scene, the shooting in a dark room.
The number of pictures can be set. You can specify any number of synthesis after shooting.
※ Bulb Mode
By performing the imaging of about 10-30 pieces per second, and average them, adding, in the Bulb mode, we have achieved as a long-time exposure process.
Order to average the number of captured images, eliminating the noise dramatically.
If there is only much light can not be combined in a composite mode, it is recommended that you shoot in bulb mode and then secure the camera on a tripod or the like.
Shutter time in seconds from 1 to 60 seconds, 1 minute to 60 minutes, 1 to 60 hours on an hourly basis, you can set an unlimited time.
•Battery consumption is expected to be intense.
• The shooting lit torch light heavy battery consumption is expected.
In the valve mode, the shooting of only moonlight, you can issue clearly reflects the state of the room lights in the room disappeared.
※ Continuous mode
Done (taking size, depending on the model) to 10-50 shots at regular intervals.
Shooting interval can be set.
■ image-editing features
It has many types provide a handy preset .
It is also more detailed , by adjusting the parameters further editing .
- Brightness
- Contrast
- And saturation
- Color balance
- Tone curve
- Sharpness
■ limit free edition
This app is a free version, with the following restrictions.
• There is a limit save the image size, transfer applications, Twitter, when sending mail
(Image size of at least limit, reduce)
Banner ads will be displayed.
To buy the full version and enjoy regular in-app purchases, these restrictions will be canceled.
※ When you purchase, please check the free version works well.

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