7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 3D

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Welcome to the Blocky Pizzeria – strange café made of pixels and cubes, where animatronics robots work. Or used to work, actually… You are hired as a security guard, because something strange happens each night! Cube animal robots gone crazy! These robots were made to help at pizzeria, but something went wrong and during the night they are ready to attack you! Face your nightmare working as a security guard – watch animal robots with cameras, open and close doors to safeguard yourself! Hide in your security office until the morning comes! Beware pixel bears, rabbits and foxes attack with 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 3D game!
Start scary night adventure in Blocky Pizzeria! Spend 7 nights defending yourself against robot bears, chickens, bunnies and foxes or even more frightening animals hiding in the night! Watch cameras carefully sitting in your cube security office and never let these bear robots to get close! Use security doors and the flashlight to protect yourself from animal robots’ attack! Pixel robots are much closer than it seems… Close doors and use lights to scare away angry pixel robots – cube bears, blocky chickens, foxes and rabbits hiding around the corners of your blocky pizzeria. Remember, you have very limited amount of electricity to use per night and protect yourself from bear robots’ attack! Stay in your security office, watch pixel bears, chickens and bunnies with cameras and try to survive 7 long scary nights! If you run out of power for the night - all cameras and light are off and robot animals are able to move! Seems like a real nightmare! Beware of pixel bear robots walking around the pizzeria! Are you ready to fight for your life? Get to know with 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 3D!
Are you afraid of pixel bears or other cube monster animals? These robots are serving the pizza during the day, but at night might become unpredictable! Watch cameras being a security guard and never let bears attack you! Are you afraid of the dark? Who else could be in this nightmare mines? Spend seven nights at pizzeria full of pixel animal monster! Try 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 3D – meet scary bear robots and don’t give them any chance to creep into your security office to survive! Beware of pixel bears, chicken and foxes playing 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 3D game! Are you ready to face your nightmare?
7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 3D features:
- Huge blocky pizzeria to explore – it’s all made of pixels and cubes here!
- Animal robots ready to attack – fight against chickens, foxes, bunnies, bears and other monsters
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Mind the electricity rate – use flashlights and cameras wisely
- Many room and corners for cube monsters to hide
- And seven long nights to survive….
Be a security guard for chicken, fox, bunny and bear robots for five nights and protect Blocky Pizzeria from total destruction! Use limited amount of electricity per night to protect yourself from robots’ attack closing security doors and using flashlights! Stay in your security office, watch cube creatures with cameras and try to survive! Beware of pixel bears and other animal robots walking in the pizzeria! Escape from your nightmare, but be careful! If any blocky monster has crept too close, it will be the end of your security guard career… Moreover, the life! Face your nightmare with 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 3D ! Are your ready to withstand all seven night? Five nights would also be great… These animal robots are much more dangerous that it seems…
Survive as a pizzeria night security guard and escape from your nightmare! Have you ever thought that cute blocky bear robots could be so frightening? These seven nights are going to be the scariest nights in your life! Don’t allow pixel bear monsters or angry bunnies and foxes to get close to your security office! Spend 7 horrible nights and try to stay alive! Finish your work safe after seven scary nights with 7 Nights at Blocky Pizzeria 3D game!

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