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Jungle Dino Hunter 2 - Dinosaurs Hunting Game

Publisher: THM Apps.
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We welcome you to play season 2 of world amazing hunting game “Jungle Dinosaur Hunting” in a dense and lush green forest, surrounded by a range of mountains for a lifetime hunting journey. Now, you are in the world of dinosaurs with huge skulls, large bone crunching teeth, powerful jaws and legs. In this dino hunting game, you will come across with different dinosaurs which are both herbivores and carnivores. You will face the most deadly dinosaurs having wild teeth over claws like Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Giganotosaurus and armored dinosaurs like Stegosaurus etc. It is an entertainment game with high quality graphics.
You will face semi-darkness in the forest due to canopy of leaves of big trees, plants and bushes. The sounds echoed all over, making the jungle feel eerie and strange but we hope that you don’t feel scare because you are a real dino hunter. You are having modern new weapons like sniper rifles, pistol, light machine guns, carbine, shotguns, AK-47 etc. Since your life is precious, so we arrange multipurpose modern weapons to ensure your safety with sniper defense instead of being hunt down by dinosaurs.
The game comprises of diverse thrilling levels and it depends upon your shooting skills so make sure to use your sniper shooting training on ground rather than shooting species of underwater world in lake in this action pack game. It is a test of your sharp shooter skills because you can kill as many dinosaurs as you can with your kill shots being a super duper. So bravo be firm, upfront and keep on hunting these ferocious dinos and don’t look back as you are a dino hunter not a deer hunter. Any lapse in fixing the wrong weapon system scope angle may be fatal for your life as these are real dinosaurs. Don’t scare with the sounds of dinosaurs and keep hunting Jurassic world dinosaurs with right shooting target. It totally depends upon your fighting passion and adventure hunting tour of jungle world.
Challenge your friends for hunter jungle expedition far away from school and enjoy to play this Jungle Dino hunting game full of adventure. This Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting 2 got flying dragons, running dinosaurs and fierce deadliest fighting type of dinos.
For the first time in your life you will enjoy an unforgettable kill shot experience with a best sniper shooting game of Dinos hunting and you can awestruck by the might of nature. We believe that if you are energetic, you can catch your prey ultimately within no time and success will be yours. Wish you to be a real dinosaur hunter hero. Good luck!

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