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Mandalas coloring pages

Publisher: VALENAPPS S.L.
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Relax and enjoy the mandalas, which will help you develop your creative, intuitive and spiritual abilities. They are circular images that arise from a central axis, the symmetrical patterns that emerge towards the four cardinal points. The design is simple and common, with its design and subsequent coloring as part of a ritual that is used for healing, meditation and entertainment.
Choose any colors or crayons that you like and paint pictures to show your creativity. When you finish painting the mandala, you can analyze its meaning and discover messages in your subconscious mind and your current mood. Mandalas are an interpretation by shapes and colors, and they are powerful allies in meditation and for healing.
If you color mandalas at different times, you observe how the patterns change according to your mood. Use your intuition to decipher the meanings of your mandala. Here are the meanings of different colors of mandalas:
• White: the perfect color, light and purity.
• Black: it relates to death, mystery or ignorance.
• Gray: color neutrality, wisdom and renewal.
• Green: it means nature, growth and hope.
• Blue: means peace, joy, satisfaction and peace.
• Red: love, passion and sensuality.
• Yellow: color of the sun, light and sympathy.
• Orange: energy, dynamism, ambition, kindness, courage.
• Rosa: women and children's issues, gentleness, unselfishness.
• Purple: neighborly love, idealism and wisdom.
• Violet: music, magic, spirituality, transformation, inspiration.
• Gold: wisdom, clarity, lucidity, vitality.
• Silver: extrasensory abilities, fluctuating emotions, welfare.

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