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Absolute Skat Pro for Android

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Preis: 5.25 USD

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Skat, the most popular card game in Germany is now available in this new enhanced version for Android.
Whether beginner or professional player, in 'Absolute Skat Pro for Android' you can find what you need for an exciting Skat challenge. Various AI difficulty levels and many kinds of settings for the gameplay give you the opportunity to make the cardgame customised. Now start a relaxing Skat match.
This more comprehensive and carfully developed app includes optimised view modes, especially for mobile and tablet users with small displays. With special card decks and the lined up display, it's now even easier to play on these devices.
The elaborately revised, self-learning AI is now adapted even more to the wishes of our Skat player.
By buying 'Absolute Skat Pro for Android' you ill get a complete game. No In-App purchases, no advertising. All extras and bonuses are already included in the app and do not need to be bought separately. Buy once to enjoy the full extent of the game.
You have any questions, problems or comments. Send us an e- mail! In most cases, we can solve the problem immediately.
Includes freely selectable variations:
- Ramsch ( after all have passed, after Grand Hand, after 60:60 game, on successful injection )
- Kontra and Re announcement (optional Bock and Zippe, Fairness )
- Bock rounds ( after Grand Hand, after 60:60 game, on successful injection )
- Peak factor only on basis of the jacks
- Basic value of Grand is selectable, choose 20 or 24
- Lost Hand games are not doubled
- With 30 off the Schneider
- Competition scoring ( Seeger/Fabian )
- Bierlachs ( 301,401,501 ) with or without date

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