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4x4 Truck Driver Simulator

Publisher: Monarchor
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: Gratis

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4x4 Truck Driver Simulator is a game of truck lorry which has massive tyres and if you are in a mood of destroying things on your way this is the best monster game you can ever imagine. You can not only drive it but also destroy other cars around, bash your monster truck in them and crash it to the side of building. Don't hesitate to crash your monster rally truck around in the environment, be a messy driver and enjoy being messy driver, sit in the cabin of monster truck and keep yourself free of care of around and blast everything which you don't like, get your anger out on the roads and use speed and skills to do extreme stunts which can be done with 4 x 4 truck lorry.
Trucks in this 4x4 Truck Driver Simulator are not a simple trucks, they are modified muscle car trucks which has NOS cylinders build inside to improve the pick of trucks and it goes on road like bullets, you need to be attentive and focused to drive these trucks because it got so much power if you get a bit lazy in controlling it will be flipped upside down on hitting the side of path. The city has both off and on road paths, you can enjoy both paths with extreme power, you can crash barriers on your way without the fear of getting destroyed because you have the most powerful vehicle in town and no body can touches you unless you want them to.
Eye Catching graphics in the rally race are very interesting and makes the game of monster truck more enjoyable and adventurous. Physics of trucks is applied so intelligently that it gives you a real feeling of driving a 4 wheel monster truck, it is a rough ride and you need to drive it with caution. Fasten your seat belt before driving the beasts, it is one hell of a crazy ride which includes classic free style driving off road. Monster Trucks have extreme turbo engines which have so much power that you need to get focused in order to save trucks from getting rolled down. This is a free simulation of trucks and it is the best simulation of trucks of 2017. Download this game to enjoy the driving of monster truck and have a splendid fun in off road and on road tracks.

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