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Blocky Strike Pixel Shooting

Publisher: Game Pickle
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: Gratis

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Blocky Strike Pixel Shooting is one of the best latest first person shooters, packed full of features! Download for free right now and experience combat like no other on the android market!
Once a peaceful place for villagers to live in, now is overrun with violent terrorists wanting to wreck havoc and their homes. Armed with tons of dangerous weapons and truck loads of explosive barrels. Taking control of all of the villages, the terrorists plan to take more, but then you and our squad come in to stop them.
You and your fellow special op army soldiers have been given orders to help the villagers to stop the evil bad guys from taking over the whole blocky world!
Make your way through each new environment and level by taking out each of the tough terrorists and blowing up their barrels of fuel. Be careful you get cornered or run into groups of the bad guys, these terrorists are tough and have good aim so watch out for your health and ammo.
Take on the terrorists in close quarters combat in intense firefights in one of the best first person shooters, equip tactical weapons like Glock 18, double barrel shotgun, MAC-10, and even more!
Use your mini-map to look out for health and ammo for your gun, as well as extra lives, you might need them against tough enemies. Explore each huge blocky pixel environment to get the best tactical shot on the bad guy, enter each house, sniper tower, tunnels, ruins, climb up an active volcano, discover loads more in each detailed world!
As soon as the gameplay starts, you're straight into the action of this awesome first person shooter. Complete each level with skill and knowledge by striking your enemy down which ever you can, beat your enemy and help free the villages for the people.
Fight even more stronger, intelligent enemy soldiers the further you progress in the game and test your skills as a special ops solider. Use your battle tactics, skills, and stealth to get the upper hand in battle and win each level! Try long range sniper shots or close quarters combat with knives to take down the bad guys in one of the best blocky pixel shooter games on the market!

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