Suzukukan - a fun growing game that raises fish ~

Publisher: Chronus M Inc.
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Management of the smoldering pavilion that started today.
You became the owner of that aquarium!
Please stock fish and carefully grow.
Money is necessary for aquarium development.
Let's make money by shipping carefully raised fish!
Growing lots of fish, enlarging the aquarium
Please become a fine owner.
◎ how to play
1. Arrive fry
All fish grow from fry!
I have troubles with which children are raised because there are frys of various sizes ^ ^
2. Fish breeding
Please raise it with plenty of affection.
I'm looking forward to what shape I will grow!
3. Shipment of fish
It's a sad farewell time.
Let's treasure it carefully because it is raised carefully.
We will report where you shipped!
◎ Growth of fish
The fish brought up at the helicopter grows in various ways.
The reason is not well understood,
It is dealt more expensive as rare fish!
◎ feeding
Each fish has "like" and "dislike" for bait.
Selfish little children ...
But please listen to your selfishness as it is a cute girl.
◎ Illness! What?
It is an important job to keep the smiley building clean.
When you clean up the cleaning, the aquarium got dirty,
The fish may get sick ...
I can not do such a poor thing, do you?
◎ Item
We have many items for fish!
Every item should surely be useful for enlarging the main building!
Now, the life as an owner of a squirrel will start from now!
Please make it a fine dressing room of your own ^ ^

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