Ludo Game : New Classic Fun Dice Game

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Ludo Land : New Classic Fun Dice Game is a strategy board game. Ludo is a popular board game derived from an ancient Indian game called Pachisi. The game and its variations are popular in many countries and under various names. This game is the best of all board games. Don't wait any further, get the dice rolling and play Ludo Land : New Classic Fun Dice Game.
This game is classic family game. We all grew up playing this game from our childhood. Now you can play this game on your phone or tablet! The game is played between 2 to 4 players and you have the option of playing the game with your family, friends or any other people, or against computer.
Learn how to move your yellow, red, blue or green pawns with strategy and luck on best looking games board. Be the king of Ludo and become a star! Compete against other players and reach the top of the leaderboard! Download and install for hours of fun and enjoyment.
Game's Category:
* Dice Game
* Board Game
* Fun Game
* Quick Game
* Strategy Game
Ludo Game, Lodo Game With plenty of features, Ludo Land brings you a really unique gaming experience.
Ludo (लूडो ) game
Lido Game
Free Ludo
3D Ludo
Ludo VS Android (computer)
Ludo VS Bot
Ludo VS Friend
Ludo Clash
Ludo War
Offline Multiplayer Game
Ludo Game is also called Parchisi, Pachisi or Parcheesi. This game originated in India by the 6th century. Ludo Game is also popularly known as Parchís, Parxís, Parqués.
~~Localized name of the game:
> Mens-erger-je-niet (the Netherlands),
> Parchís or Parkase (Spain),
> Le Jeu de Dada or Petits Chevaux (France),
> Non t'arrabbiare (Italy),
> Barjis(s) / Bargese (Syria),
> Pachîs (Persia/Iran).
> da'ngu'a ('Vietnam')
> Fei Xing Qi' (China)
> Fia med knuff (Sweden)
> Parqués (Colombia)
> Barjis / Bargis (Palestine)
> Griniaris (Greece)
Some rules of Game :-
Each player chooses one of the 4 colors (green, yellow, red or blue) and places the 4 pieces of that color in the corresponding starting circle. A single dice is thrown to determine movement.
Ludo Land : New Classic Fun Dice Game Features:
* Classic design of board
* Multiple modes
* Consume less battery
* Use very little data
* No internet connection required to play
* Less than 4 mb
* Simple and Clean UI
* Amazing Graphics and Animation
Looking for hours of non-stop enjoyment on your phone? then why not have a try now? Download and take the challenge and be the greatest king or champion of ludo game! Enjoy the real fun of Ludo Land : New Classic Fun Dice Game!
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