ViDeolingo For Kids: Learning English

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Looking for a safe English learning app for your kids?
Videolingo is the right choice because it contains a wide range of videos aimed at teaching kids English while being entertained.
It has been proven that for kids to learn a language, they need to be exposed to that language via listening, which eventually leads to speaking in subsequent stages.
At a young age, the best way for kids to learn English is to watch their favorite cartoons in English, Play games in English, listen to kids songs and nursery rhymes, learn vocabulary and phrases via videos and visuals.
Viduolingo encompasses a large number of videos with great visuals and fun content through which kids can learn:
1. Alphabet.
2. Numbers.
3: Colors.
4: Animals.
5: Flowers.
6: Fruit.
7. vegetables.
8. Parts Of The Body.
9. Clothes.
11. Vehicles.
12.School Stationary.
13. Shapes.
14. House.
15. Country.
16. Sports.
17. Prepositions.
18. Computer.
19. Month.
20. Days.
21. Jobs.
22. Birds.
23. Planets.
24. Toys.
- Phonics Practice
- Alphabets Recognition
- Role Playing and conversation practice
- Large variation of Vocabulary
- Short stories
- Moral Stories
- Songs
Learning English with fun is guaranteed in Viduolingo for Kids.
Your kids will surely like the app, this can work as safe entertainment and extracurricular activities for your kids to stay entertained and learn English in a safe environment.
Unlike in YOUTUBE where kids can jump from one video to another and may land on videos which are not suitable for their age.
In Videolingo, kids learning English experience is safe and monitored.
Please if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us and give your suggestions. Thank you :)

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