✦ TREK ✦ T.I. Notes

Publisher: TreKing
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Enjoy notes with the LOOK and SOUNDS you love!
This is one of the best, most intuitive ways to take and organize notes.
Product Features:
✦ Actions to add, edit, archive, trash, and delete notes
✦ To-do checklists
✦ Image, video, audio, and other file attachments
✦ Categories and tags to manage notes
✦ Sketch notes with any color or brush size
✦ Share or send notes through messaging and social apps
✦ Merge and search notes
✦ Agenda reminders with notifications and location
✦ Lock & Password app or note
✦ Export/import backups
✦ Resizable widgets in 3 styles and multiwidget support
✦ Add Notes shortcuts to home screen
✦ 30+ languages
✦ OK Google Assistant integration: just tell "write a note"/"take a note"/"note to self" followed by the content *manage default note app
The Total Interface spoof continues!
This app's interface is meant to parody the way sci-fi designers on a cheap budget imagined future computers 30 years ago. Made with cones, curves, and various blocks in the basic 256 colors computers were capable of at the time. Topped with tiny text that was meaningless and buttons with completely indecipherable function or layout.
I stayed true to that style, but for my artistic expression I gave everything actual meaning and function to give you a fully usable interface for all functions.
This is a generic interface that uses only public domain simple curves, colors, rectangles, etc. and contains no trademarked material from any old - games, computer programs, shows or movies. I respect copyrights, so please don't ask me to update to include them in reviews or by mail.
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