Riddle Kingdom

Publisher: Likely Great GbR
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Riddle Kingdom is a beautifully designed fairy tale themed game for two and more players. You’ll have to solve thirty challenging riddles taking place in three different realms.

Be the Riddle King and know all the answers.
Or guess and try to solve the mystery behind the story.

Meet the king and his princess in their medieval castle,
face the mighty dragon in the enchanted forest
and discover the magical secrets of the dreamy desert.


Party game for at least two players.
Playable on iPhone only, Apple TV only or in combination (recommended).
This game of brain teasers is perfect for puzzlers playing with their family and friends.



1. You and your friends choose a riddle. 
But it’s only the fragment of a story that needs to be revealed by asking questions.

2. One among you is the Riddle King who scrolls down to see the entire story. 
Use the iPhone + AppleTV to have the story on your phone or read it quietly while the others cover their eyes.

3. Ask the Riddle King questions to find out the details of the story. The tricky part is that the Riddle King will answer only using „yes”, „no“ or „irrelevant“.
But if you’re stuck and need help the Riddle King might give you up to two visual hints.

4. If the Riddle King feels like you’ve solved the riddle, the story can be revealed.

Now who will be the next Riddle King?



To get the best experience you should play Riddle Kingdom using an iPhone & an Apple TV.
You can use the app on both platforms and select the iPhone + Apple TV option on your phone to connect to you TV.
Now the Riddle King can access the entire story on his iPhone.

The game is also playable with only an Apple TV or iPhone.

Now are you ready for the adventurous journey ?

Sharpen your mind and sword to enter the Riddle Kingdom!


Need some help? Just let us know! We'd love to get your feedback too. Send your messages to riddlekingdom@likelygreat.com.

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