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LeanTV is exclusively made for the Apple TV, in conjunction with the companion app.

LeanTV allows anyone to run and participate in lean coffee style meetings. This is great for business, brainstorming, family planning, or anything else! Users write as many ideas as they want on virtual notes which are then displayed on the Apple TV. Everyone then votes on their iPhone for the topics they want to discuss. The topics are then prioritized on the Apple TV automatically by meeting participant vote count. Once the voting is over the topics that have votes are added to a Kanban board and each topic has a limited time to be discussed.

LeanTV takes care of the notes, voting, prioritization, time keeping, and advancing, all without the need for a meeting facilitator, boards, sticky notes, etc. Hundreds of notes can be written and discarded in an instant.

Hook your Apple TV to a projector for a great board room meeting, brainstorming session, or in your living room for family planning. LeanTV allows you to discuss a lot of topics in a short amount of time and always provides the highest value to your most valuable item, time!

For more information on lean coffee please visit leancoffee.org

- Up to 10 meeting participants at a time
- Select discussion time, extended time, and number of votes for each iPhone to use
- Instantly displays votes from all iPhones on the Apple TV with the ability to delete
- Votes are prioritized on the Apple TV and color coded
- Change votes as many times as you like
- Click and swipe right to move a topic on the Kanban Board to the next column
- Time is taken care of by LeanTV and provides options to extend or automatically move to done.
- You can change settings at any time during the meeting


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