Shout Out!!

Publisher: Andrew Boryk
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Looking for a party game that will host itself? Here it is: Shout Out!

The game where whoever shouts the last answer, wins. Each player picks a character, then you press start, and you're playing!

How do you win? Well, everyone must shout out answers that match the category and begin with the letter listed on screen. For instance, if the category is: "Things at a Bank" and the letter is "M", you can shout out "Money", "Mortgages", "Mail", "Moneyclips"... and so on.

The last person to shout out a correct answer wins the round and is awarded a point. For the above example, the group of players can decide by a majority vote whether "Money" and "Moolah" should count as separate answers. If you are having a hard time deciding, have a quick match of rock, paper, scissors.

First one to get enough points (can be 11, 15, or 21), wins the game!

I hope you have a great time playing, and let me know any feedback you might have. My email is

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