DEAD END! - Crazy running Bob

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Treasure hunter, his name is Bob.
This is Bob's new adventure!!

- Chapter 2 -
Get out from the bottom of the treasure cave. [all 50 stages] have to be cleared. Escape from the treasure cave, get back to the ground.

-What is DEAD END?-
Each stage cleared just needed "3.5 seconds". So, if you can cleared the all stages with [NO MISS] and [NO RETRY], the all 50 stages cleared just needed "3 minutes".
This is a [Hard Action Game]. Auto Run and Jump action are all about [DEAD END].

[Attention]: The general player could not clear the all 50 stages, that's why we call it [DEAD END].

- How to play -
Jump over the block., run through the each stage.

Bob is running from lift to right in the screen.
Jump is only one action what you can do. The double jump is one more tap with when you already jump to mid-air.
If Bob hit against the splinter or touch the monster, the game will be over.(hit against the wall without splinter or hit against the ground is fine.)
Using jump to pass through the block and monster, arrive the right side in the screen, the stage will be clear and Bob will go to the next stage.
When you clear the all 50 stages, you will see the end of the game.

- Game Control -
1) Touch surface of remote: jump
2) One more touch when you already jump to mid-air: double jump

- Clear the all 50 stages -
When you cleared the all 50 stages the game will be clear and you will see the end of the game.
If you can make a wonderful clear, Please share that record to your twitter and Facebook!!

** Perfect Play: [Star System] **
You can get 3 Stars as each stage. Get the all stars to make perfect play.

Star point is from the following:
1. Clear the stage *1 Star point.
2. Get the treasure in the stage *1 Star point.
3. Clear the stage without retry *1 Star point.

[Check the record]
Touch the "Trophy Mark" at the title screen, you can check the records what you got in the game.
List of the cleared stages and got stars.
The star is 150 in total. Let's complete the all stars.

** Mission impossible!!?? Challenge with [NO RETRY] **
Try to clear the all 50 stages without RETRY.
That would not able to be done as general player.

** Perfect play!![NO RETRY] + [3 Stars] is Perfect clear!! **
Cleared the all 50 stages without [RETRY] and get all stars.
If you did that mission, you will become a legend to live.

This game was created after acquiring a license transfer from PUMO Inc. to the licensed Apple TV.
All Apple TV licenses related to this game are the property of Laurel Code Inc.

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