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Mythic Legends

Publisher: Hyper Dot Studios Limited
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Knights, sorcerers, assassins, beastmasters and other Champions come together to clash in the arena. Among them are LEGENDS – the most experienced, skilled, and powerful warriors the empire has ever seen. They will help you lead a team of Champions to victory in this epic RPG strategy game!

Mythic Battles
Watch hordes of Champions clash in the arena. Mages casting dark spells, monster demons wielding deadly blades, assassins lurking quietly on the edges of the arena...

Mighty Legends
The stronger the Legend, the more powerful the team in the arena. Choose your Legends wisely and level them up as often as you can.

Heroic Champions
Champions come from different classes and origins. Every Champion has a unique ability and seeing them clash in the arena is a mythic sight you won’t forget!

Accessible Tournaments
Compete in tournaments and leave and return whenever you want without fear of losing progress. You can triumph in Mythic Legends no matter what.

Constant Progression and Rewards
Unlock new Champions and special artifacts to use after every battle, and receive a brand new chest of rewards after every tournament.

Plan your Strategy
Plan the perfect strategy as your army grows. Soon you’ll see sorcerers clash with priests, monster vs monster duels, demons charging at dragons and much, much more!

Unforgettable Experiences
Visually striking Champions belong to distinctive classes and origins. Witness their power and see synergies paired perfectly for extraordinary results.

An RPG for Everyone
Battles are timed to create the perfect strategy RPG feel. We take care of the details so you can concentrate on planning the right RPG strategy to win!

Exciting New Content
Many new Champions, Legends, artifacts, and other action-packed features will be added to the game in the future.

Mythic Legends, the brand new RPG Strategy Game.
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277 Bewertungen

Lol not good. It is fun at first but as the game goes on it makes me bored

23 Feb 2021

Great game, multitude of characters which makes the game refreshing and fun. Easy play too. Only downside is that there seems to be a limit on how far you can go in the game, and there needs to be something else to do or work towards on a day to day basis asides from the daily rewards which are received in maybe two or three tournaments.

22 Feb 2021

Great game. No ads is amazing. Some nice qol improvements would be 1) 2x battle speed button 2) more clarity, like clicking a unit shows a popup of their current stats (with buffs and debuffs) 3) weighted (on your current units) probability of artefacts to be useful to you.

22 Feb 2021

Decent game but you can exploit the matchmaking system to make every game super easy to win and makes it boring or you face people way higher than you with higher level units and it's too hard. Great potential for a game though still enjoyed it for a bit.

23 Feb 2021

The game concept is very good. I like how you have lots of characters to choose from and they each have different skills. You can also easily proceed and get strong in the game with the help of free cards and chests everyday. Although, the problem is that the enemies you'll encounter will be stronger than you. Most of them will have +1 or +2 commander level than yours, and their character AI is so much better. The tornado from the artifact is mostly useless(goes towards my side of the board).

21 Feb 2021

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