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Go HAM Pro - 531 Calculator

Publisher: Go HAM!
Preis: 1.10 USD

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DISCLAIMER : Please note that this app, Go HAM Pro - 531 Calculator is an unofficial application designed to assist you with your workout. THIS APP IS BY NO MEANS CONNECTED TO WENDLER HIMSELF, the creator of Wendler 531. Please support Wendler himself by buying his books.

For more information on Wendler 531, please visit:

Permissions used :
• Writing to external storage: Needed to backup database to local storage.
• Vibration: Used along with sound to notify rest timer completion.
• Internet: Used to send crash reports. No private information is sent. Only the error logs.
• Foreground Service: Used to display the lock-screen navigation.

With the Go HAM Pro - 531 Calculator, you can customize your workout and calculate your numbers based on your 1-RM lifts. Simply enter your 1RM's into the app to calculate your training maxes, and you're good to go.

Other features include:
💪 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and/or 7 day splits. YOU decide how you wanna GO HAM on 5/3/1.
💪 Plan/edit your workouts for each day.
💪 Option for weekly linear progression. Great for lifters designing/running the nSuns program or their own 531 variant.
💪 Create/edit your own workouts for 531.
💪 Create/edit your 531 variations.
💪 nSuns Routines - CAP3, 4-Day LP, 5-Day LP, 6-Day (Squat and Deadlift Focus).
💪 nSuns Routines - All variations fully customizable
💪 Fully customizable assistance for 6-week or 3 month/cycle BBB program.
💪 Create single, super-set, giant-set, 4, 5 or 6 circuit accessory workouts.
💪 Body Log. Log your weight and body measurements each day and calculate estimated BMI and body fat that can be viewed historically and by charts.
💪 Editable/Loggable RPE per set.
💪 Lock-screen Navigation. No need to open the app. All the info on the lock-screen is all you need to GO HAM!
💪 New WORKOUT MODE. Displays one set at a time. Meant for those who have their workouts planned and want to just get the workout in and go home. A no frills mode.
💪 Re-order/Re-arrange your accessory during any week or day.
💪 Choose your unit of measure between pounds or kilograms.
💪 Easy Navigation. Select your days and swipe through your working and assistance workouts.
💪 Built-in persistent stopwatch.
💪 Editable rest timers per workout. Each main workout has 3 rest timers. Warm Up, Work, and Primary Assistance. You decide how much rest time you need for each type based on the workout.
💪 Set rest timers for all your workouts. Including accessory work.
💪 Manual logging. You have the option to log sets.
💪 Never forget the set you're in by using the check-boxes that keeps track of your set and progress.
💪 Backup and Restore your data so you never lose it.
💪 Export to a spreadsheet to track your progress.
💪 Create assistance workouts for select or all days.
💪 Editable and log-able weight and reps during workout.
💪 Display workout percentages in real-time.
💪 Deload Customization.
💪 Customize how you want to warm-up. Set the weight, reps and sets and you're good to go. You can select all warm-ups to run or select certain workouts to display individually.
💪 Track your progress at any time within the workout page. View your current daily progress or use the calendar to see what workouts you've done in the past.
💪 Add/Edit/Delete plates into plate calculator.
💪 View your progress weekly using the searchable history database and line graph.
💪 Color coordinated notes history log. Deload, warm-up, assistance and working sets are color coded so you know which history log were performed.
💪 Display partial weights (for metric users)
💪 Partial weights for increments (for metric users)
💪 Custom and partial rounding
💪 No ADS!

Do you have any questions, feedback, bugs or suggestions on other workout routines you'd like to see? Feel free to email me. Any correspondent feedback is appreciated.


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