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World of Cavemen: Idle RPG

Publisher: Strategy Gamez
Preis: Gratis mit In-App-Käufen

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In ancient times, the Four Ancestral Tribes waged war against Goros, Lord of Darkness, and were forced to retreat into caves. Thus began the Age of Cavemen. One day, the earth began to shake, storms and tsunamis ravaged the land... the Lord of Darkness is awakening and threatens to plunge the world into eternal night. How will the descendants of the Great Tribes survive in this cruel world? Use your wisdom and courage in this idle RPG game to help the cavemen find hope!

Casual Idle RPG
Break free of repetitive and monotonous daily grinding via offline idle. Earn tons of resources while offline, then login to claim them and level up easily.

Varied Art Styles
From the barren Hope Dessert to the towering trees of the Jungle, from the fragrant flowers of Turkeyfish Fields to the wild beasts of the Tundra, the game faithfully recreates scenes from the movie while also adding magnificent new environments that will fully immerse you in the game.

Different Looks for Pets
Colorful Macawnivore; Giant Ground Whales that walk on land; Ramu that defend home with great ferocity; these imaginative and vivid pets will be by your side as you level up and battle monsters.

Satisfying Battle
Switch between 5 classes at will and experience the unique thrill of battle, each with different smooth animations, cool special effects and exhilarating music.

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0 Bewertungen

It is a good game

17 Nov 2020

He is the best Finley is

06 Nov 2020

Amazing game worth the time to kill the time, worth playing.

01 Nov 2020

Decent but polarising fun for maybe three days. There are two kinds of gacha teambuilders, this being of the Idle variety, instead of the dreaded energy/stamina bar. The shared genre flaw of absurd early power levelling only emphasises rapidly diminishing progress and means of progressing. Compounding that are the perennially appalling drop-rates for allies worth keeping/merge-evolving, to which gamers have one of two reactions: i) "Oh look, yet more useless units, let me give you real money so I might eventually get a decent one instead of affording rent this month!"; ii) "Oh look, yet more useless units... how utterly predictable. Time to move on and save my money for something with better odds." Factor in how bloated this is with auto-pathing fetch-quests that add absolutely nothing beyond joyless time-wasting and option ii) only ever appeals more.

19 Okt 2020

I have a lot of trouble with the game connecting to my wifi yet the device itself remains connected. As for the game itself, its pay to win. So very quickly it becomes boring. Its repetitive straight off the bat. And where the hell do I find summon tickets? Occasional ones from a mission that is done automatically for me or buy them with my real life money. LAME

29 Okt 2020

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