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The core of ARAN's design is in unprecedented features, optimized usability, prioritized effectiveness and user-friendly functionality, by consolidating many firsts in ridesharing. Unique to ARAN is both innovative precision and operational finesse, reaching heights unprecedented before in Africa. We are yet to witness a single uninstall, and none is likely forthcoming. Rather than compete, ARAN is purposed to change the industry towards the future of ridesharing

ARAN not only helps you get a car fast and conveniently, but also incorporates trustworthy reliability into the process. Optimized in size and download speed, ARAN eliminates the need for you to take a bus or look for a taxi, to begin with, and introduces convenience, reliability, trust, timeliness, effectiveness, and functionality previously unattainable by ridesharing apps. Download the ARAN App, and take your first ride. We are certain that you will have joined a happy family where value, timeliness, and trust are highly esteemed

Whether going to or from the airport, rushing across town, going for an outing within Nairobi, you can request for ARAN with just a single tap. Once you reach your destination, you can then pay in cash, MPesa, credit card, or ARAN Wallet, before rating the driver, most probably with a 5 star score

Wherever you are coming from or going to, regardless of the time or day, ARAN remains a dependable friend. Before we expand, ARAN is presently live and trending in Nairobi. All we ask of you is to download the App today, then take your first ride, and our marketing job is done. You will be happy you did, as a part of the growing ARAN family

This is how to use ARAN:

a) After download and installation, launch the App

b) A Locator Icon will determine where you are, but you can also enter your current location

c) Request for ride from any of the comparative categories available (i.e. ARAN, ARAN X, ARAN, B, ARAN Plus etc.). Then you will see many icons of drivers near your pickup location

d) Any one of the drivers closest to you will accept your request, and start driving towards you. His or her picture, car model and number plate will be added to the user interface. You can see the route they are using towards you, and even trace their progress by the second

e) You can use this time to enter your desired destination. However, ARAN will pick you up and even start the ride before you identify the destination. If you so desire, you can direct the driver orally, or enter the destination whenever it is convenient to you.

f) With optimized GPS coordination, you can monitor your progress during the ride, at any given time. There is also an Emergency button active upon starting a ride, and only accessible to you. With a simple tap, you can initiate a multi-platform emergency mode, and ARAN will prioritize your safety at any given time or place

g) When you get to your desired destination, the driver will complete the ride. Both of you will see the cost. ARAN accepts MPesa, credit card, or the ARAN Wallet, and you will be billed within the second. No additional billing charges added

h) Finally, rate your experience and the driver. For an ARAN experience, we already predict your rating. Just be genuine. If our expectations fail, we will call you by the hour. The receipt will be sent via email, and gratitude for joining the ARAN family

We are not just affordable, no, we are way better. ARAN is reliable, efficient, convenient, timely, consistent, adaptive, personalized, customer-focused, and importantly, trustworthy. Just as this download is optimized for effectiveness, the ARAN experience is as amazing. It only takes one download, one ride, and you become family

After the download, if you have any question, need an update, or want to learn more about ARAN, please follow us on any of these platforms

FB: @AranKenya / Aran Technologies Ltd
Twt: @ARANtwits
Inst: aran_kenya
Tel: +254 792 507 692

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