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Bobbopp is a language game app for young children. In the app you follow a Babbelers’ character - ”Bobbo” walks, swims and flies around The Babbelers’ Valley to collect things with the "right sound" to put in Bobbo’s hat. Can you guess which sounds Bobbo likes? Can you jump over rocks? Did you know that Bobbo loves Bobbleberries? They grow on bushes in the valley. The things you collect turn into pearls, and you can make a colourful "song necklace" with them – look into the hat and you'll see! Once you’ve finished with your pearl necklace you can listen to two different songs that Bobbo sings. (Sing-along, you’ll probably know the tunes...) If you’re missing any pearls then go out into the valley and collect what you need. When you take a thing with the ”right” sound you get a reward, you also get a reward if you don’t take things that have the"wrong sound", in both cases you will be rewarded with a glittering pearl that you can also collect in the hat.

Do you see the movie theatre over there on the hill? Click on it if you want to take a break from collecting things and look at a music video instead. The fun and catchy music video "First Song" is showing – in a way that you have never seen it! Before the video starts, or while it is playing, you can choose the type of weather, if it’s day or night, whether The Babbelers have hats on or not, how the fireworks should look – or maybe you want Toot to spray bubbles? You’ll be the one who controls the content of the video.

When the app starts, you choose whether you want to control it with your voice (choose the mouth icon) or your finger (choose the hand icon). Tip! If you want to play using your voice it is a good idea to sit in a really quiet room without any disturbing noises. One more tip! In the settings (on the app's homepage) you can set how sensitive you want your device’s microphone to be - so you can always speak at just the right level whenever you play.

Bobbopp is a simple app for small children, with easy tasks and only a bit to think about – and The Babbelers’ wonderfully catchy music of course. Bobbo moves slowly, if you want to speed up simply touch your finger to the screen at the bottom and Bobbo will go faster.

Bobbopp contains songs with lyrics in English, German and Swedish. Spending time with The Babbelers is a great way for children to get started with sound and speech. The app trains the child to listen carefully and to choose things based on how they sound. Tip! If you really want the child to listen and train their speech it's a good idea to use headphones.

The app has a child lock, naturally, so that only adults can open the settings and view information about the app. The app does not include promotions, advertising or further sales in the form of "InAppPurchases".

If you are having problems with the app or you have any questions, please visit our support page – you will also find a simple contact form there, so you can easily get answers to your questions. (Link to the support page here? Http://www.hattenforlag.se/index.asp?mainId=125&cat1=128&cat2=389&show=389)

About The Babbelers
The Babbelers play with really small children's first language sounds. With their simple design they help with early speech and language development.
The educational principles are suitable for children from one-year-old. The Babbelers are loved by many small and very small children.
There are books, games, action figures and much more with The Babbelers. Please visit us at www.babbelers.com!

hatten babblarna ausdrucksweisen action figures weißt du wer es ist

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