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Are you one of those geeks who want to learn through apps?
Are books another name for monotony to you?
Love all on one platform?
Want it all easy and in simple terms?

If you are looking for a way, then Finance, Banking & Commerce is the only app to help you out in this whole wide world. Wondering how? With more than 8000 terms in Accounting & Commerce Dictionary, 4000 in Stock Market Dictionary, 15000 in Finance & Banking Dictionary and 4000 in Insurance & Mortgage Dictionary, get ready to download the offline Finance, Banking & Commerce App and give way to fruitful learning. Well, we have all the dictionaries on one stage.

According to many, finance is a dull subject with the language not easily understandable. Finance, Banking & Commerce App is here to prove you all wrong. Terms explained in easy language, along with the calculators, formulas, and quizzes will keep you engaged in the app eliminating the boredom and making you a pro in whatever field you are interested. All the dictionaries cover all the topics of their categories.

Accounting & Commerce Dictionary with lots of Statistics and Accounting Formulas will surely give you a new way to study. It covers-

*Finance and Accounting
*Business Studies
*Real Estate and Trading
*Agreement and Laws
*Human Resource and Management
*Taxes and Policies
*E-Commerce and Information Technology
*Statistics and Mathematics

Finance & Banking Dictionary is not an ordinary Dictionary. It contains various types of Calculators to calculate the time span of your loan/mortgage with Amortization. It covers-

*Investment Banking & Trading
* Accounting
* Stock & Mutual funds
* General Finance
* Economics
* Fixed Income & Derivatives
* Corporate & Corporate Finance
* Banking
* Forex & Precious Metals
* Legal & Policies
* Statistics & Technical analysis
* Insurance & Annuities
* Real Estate
* Taxation
* Marketing & Advertising
* Risk Management
* Estate

Insurance & Mortgage Dictionary is a complete guide for students, teachers and finance experts to enhance finance knowledge and overcome any financial queries in daily life. It covers-

*Principles of Insurance
*Contract And Policy
*Interest & Fees
*Legal and Laws
*Losses and Claims
*Miscellaneous Expenses
*Mortgages Insurance
*Mortgage Loans
*Premium and Benefits
*Principles and Practices of Mortgage
*Time Period
*Types of Insurance

Stock Market Dictionary has lots of jargons and stock exchange abbreviations so that you don’t get baffled. Make smart Stock Investments and increase your stock portfolio tracking abilities. It covers-

*Forex & Precious Metals
*Investment Banking & Trading
*Fixed Income & Derivatives
*Stock & Mutual Funds
*Risk Management

Features of the Finance, Banking & Commerce App-

Quick guide - This will introduce you to the Graphs, Charts, and Formulas so that you are aware of the basics!
EduBank - This will help you store what you learn! A box full of your learnings will be treasured here!
Quizzes - Read it all? Now, it’s time to challenge your knowledge with the help of quizzes!
Calculators - There are loan calculators inside to make it all easy for you!
Stock Watch - Get stock watch along with the currency converter to make life simpler, easier and better!
Contribute - Let us know if we missed something by contributing and we will update it!
Autoplay - Listen to all the terms and its meanings.

So much to learn about this single app. Isn’t this amazing? Download the offline Finance, Banking & Commerce app now!

We make SMARTY apps, “Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking" for YOU.

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