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20/20 Ernährung Für Ihr Leben

Publisher: Thang Nguyen
Preis: 2.99 USD
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Foods should be used only for nutrition, not for emotional needs such as psychological, social, financial, romantic, etc. It shouldn’t be used to celebrate, or as a companion, or for entertainment, or comfort, as people who eat out of stress or emotion are 13.38 times more likely to be overweight or obese.

The 20 key foods on this diet help you to increase your body’s thermogenesis (related to your metabolism), help you feel fuller, and have a “time-release” effect so you feel full for longer after eating them.

The plan has a cycle of phases, each cycle lasting 30 days (5 days Boost, 5 days Sustain, 20 days Attain). If you don’t reach your goal weight by the end of the 30 days, repeat the cycle. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, move to the Management phase which is a lifetime diet.

It’s not only designed to get you looking as good as you can get in 30 days, it’s also teaching you how to eat healthier and make exercises a part of your daily routine, for life! It’s a wonderful program for the beginner and/or for someone who struggles with less-than-healthy eating habits.

Our users words:
"This app is more useful than the book. They have put together the phases, in order, with shopping lists for each phase and some easy recipes for each phase. It's really fantastic.
"Couldn't be easier & just what I needed to motivate me! It's a must have for anyone struggling or wanting help in obtaining their weight goal!"

+ Tap & Track Your Meals, Water, Workouts, And Weight.
+ Easy Phase Shopping Lists and Full Recipes Included.
+ Built-in Phases and Maintenance Mode.
+ Smartly Adjust Water Proportion Based On Daily Weight.
+ Color Coded Phase Recipes for Easily Choosing Meal.
+ Exercise Apps Are Included.
+ Reset-able Calendars (phases, days) .
+ Simple, Clean And Native iOS design.
+ Built-in Reminders (Set Both Meal Reminder (4 hours apart) and Training Reminders).
+ Support Both Kg & lbs.
+ Support Both ml & oz.

Download now to start losing weight today!!!

About us: VICTO IDEAS is a research lab, specializes in health & fitness technologies. We are the lab that created the famous Massage Pillow, Bedtime Sleep Fan, 7 Minute Workout Plus, Water Tracker, 20 Day Fit, 20/20 Diet For Life... (You may want to have a look at our apps -> tap on more by this developer/Thang Nguyen -> it will navigate to all the available apps)

We created technologies to help more and more people improving their health & life experience.

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