Boba Charades

Publisher: Panabee LLC
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Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Boba Charades is the digital way to play charades with 5000+ clues, video replays (optional), custom clues, and more. Designed for adults and families.

Video replays capture hilarious moments and offer shareable videos with one tap. Moments when friends act or say something entertaining are automatically recorded so you can relive and share them later. These videos are shot with crisp, high-def resolution unlike other apps. You can disable the camera, so video replays are optional.

Personalize the game by creating your own clues about memes, friends, local places, classmates and co-workers, favorite languages, or any other topic.

New clues can be created in seconds.

5000+ clues cover categories like:

* Kid-suitable words
* TV and pop culture
* Fun actions (e.g., flirting, rocking out)
* Fictional characters (e.g., Superman, Cinderella)
* Dance moves
* Memes
* Celebrities
* Harry Potter
* Movies
* American slang
* Sports
* Animals

Funnily Asked Questions
Q: If your homeboy Confucius were alive today, would he still be a philosopher?

A: Nope. Not practical. Then what ... poet? Physicist? Reality TV star? All reasonable guesses, but all wrong. Confucius would be a rapper.

He would be the Chinese version of Biggie. Think about it. Confucius naturally meets many rapper prerequisities: tons of groupies (they were called concubines in his time); poor English grammar; excessive jewelry; and, of course, inspires people with words. All he needs are a few gold teeth, a pimped out ride, and a stupid-smart name like con.fu.zius. Instant stardom.


Q: We dislike the cliche, "as easy as taking candy from a baby." Your thoughts?

A: We're not fans, either. First, it's wrong to take candy from a baby. More importantly, it's stupid. Babies are always surrounded by adults -- and usually overly protective parents.

Taking candy from a baby is not easy. It's hard. Really hard. We know because we have tried many times. In the park. In the supermarket. In the mall.

The moment you grab the candy, the baby will start crying. Adults rush you and start getting judgmental about your character and maybe your parents' character, too.Acting all self-righteous like they have never mugged babies before. Instead of babies, we advise taking candy from retirees. Specifically ones leaving Denny's since they may have food coma (and potentially stomach cramps if they ordered the "fresh" salmon special).


Q: Boxers or briefs?

A: Boxers. We wear only boxers. Started with tighty whities in elementary school (Asian parents, hello) then flirted with boxer briefs in the 10th grade before settling down with boxers. If you must know, we like our boxers plaid. Not striped. If you just imagined scrawny engineers in plaid boxers, we apologize in advance for the weeks of nightmares and the trail of vomit trickling down your shirt.


Q: Who are you?

A: We are men leading double lives. During the day, we direct two of the world's most prominent symphonies. But our favorite musicians are ... Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. There. We said it. Sometimes we even wear Bieber t-shirts under our tuxes. The guilt haunts us, but we cannot quit them. Help.

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