Circle of 5ths, 4th Edition

Publisher: Eun Jae Lee
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Preis: 4.99 USD
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Are you a musician and have a hard time mastering the Circle of fifths?

The ultimate goal of this app is to master the comprehensive musical materials with ease.
For example, the interval itself is a pretty wide area, which takes perhaps a lifetime to learn. This app breaks down intervals into as small units as possible in order to that you can achieve them in a step-by-step manner. Also providing you with interval tables that will allow you to understand how the interval sounds and the way they integrate with the letters and musical notation.

With a stellar design, a lot of informative material as well as a great quiz to help you test the accumulated knowledge, Circle of 5ths, 4th Edition is the perfect tool for beginner musicians and pros that want to master music theory immediately.

Don’t hesitate and take full advantage of this great new way of studying music right now!

• New Features
- The Guide: You will discover regular patterns or algorithms. Use the guide dots to understand the circle better and apply your own interpretations (e.g. simple math calculations). Simply rotate those small colored dots (not rotate the circle!!) to see how they relate with other keys. This guide proves that all music can be transposed to any keys and you will see that the musical notes (intervals) remain equally spaced. The more you try this guide, the more you will be amazed at what these little dots do. (Hint: Double tap - return to original position)

- The key signature will display when move (rotate) the arrow in the circle (updated)

- Intervals Tables: All possible intervals are organized (over 290 intervals) in one page. Simply scroll up and down to see other intervals on the page. You can listen to the harmonic and melodic sound of the intervals with the musical notation and letters.

- Change background: You can now change background. Try a different background whenever you want, it is fun! Feel fresh when you study

- 7 textures and 40 plain colors (random) x 12 different colored circles = 564 combinations!
- Enharmonic keys: Enharmonic notes are important in music as is key signature.

- Key Signature Quiz

- Circle of 5ths Analog Clock

• Improvements
- New design and User Interface (UI)
- About 25% louder in sound
- Performance: built with the latest tools and technology available
- User interactions
- Scales: added both accidentals and key signatures
- Triads: 1st, 3rd and 5th notes can be selectable which is useful in the inversions

• Main benefits
- Mastering Circle of 5ths and key signatures
- Mastering all intervals, triads and scales
- Improving aural perception
- Better in chord progressions
- Better in transcription and arrangement of music
- Musical confidence and improvement in teaching music
- Much more

Memorizing and visualizing the circle is always highly recommended. If you have any issues, please use the app support link.

Good luck on your long musical journey and life long learning!

5ths keep the circle ths four chords ensemble arpeggios keep calm and arpeggio cep calm keep calm and carry on kepp calm n.o.v.a. chambers tj rh gh five-o keep safe

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