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Couple Game: Quiz for Couples

Publisher: Robert-Maria Orlando Schulte-Einhaus
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Couple game for lovers, partnerships and relationships
Couple quiz with open text answers
Rediscover your love (again)

The couple game data protection

The protection of your data is our top priority. That's why the couple game is designed in such a way that all data (except your login details) are only saved on your mobile phones. We do not store your response data. This guarantees you a maximum protection for your personal data.

How often have you asked yourself: "How well does my loved one know me?", or your loved one asked you: “How well do you know me?

Now you can find out together. A couple quiz is not only the perfect newly-wed game and quiz for new lovers, but also for long partnerships and for long-distance relationships.

These couples quiz comes with questions from categories like Sex and Erotic, Intimacy and Closeness, Partnership, Everyday life and rituals, Commonalities and more…

Do you want to test your loved one, whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife?

Whether just starting out dating or you're in a lasting relationship, this Couple Game App is one of the best relationship games! With this couple game app, you will get to know each other better in a playful and easy way.

And, by the way, the questions are not only for heterosexual couples, but suited for every couple constellation and two people who would like to know more about each other.

You miss your loved one because you're living in a long-distance relationship?

You can play the couple game app when you are sitting next to each other, but also when you are 1,000 miles away from each other – it is ideal for long-distance relationships!

In addition to the game function, you can use the built-in chat to discuss your answers.

Sometimes you are at a point, where you want to know, “how to start a conversation”.

Questions that are asked while playing couple games trigger new and other questions you have for your partner and right away you are already in a conversation, you laugh together or touch new emotions or forgotten memories. You may understand better what you think of each other, and thus promote intimacy and closeness.

And the best part: With this couple quiz, you can easily spend valuable time together!

Now you want to know, how does a couple's quiz work?

Couple games support your relationship and partnership. You will figure out interesting new things about you and your partner and have exciting conversations about your relationship! It promotes communication between you, as you have to think about questions asked and answers given.

The couple game app is therefore also a communication game.

Choose the best couple quiz with open text answers for couples and download it now for free!

The couple game app is easy to play:

- Choose a theme that you want to play
- Answer various questions simultaneously
- Submit your individual answers
- Compare your answers and start exciting conversations

All couple game app advantages

Open text answers (no multiple choice)
Suitable for all type of relationships (no hetero-normative)
Playable in real time
Improves your knowledge about each another
Increases communication of couples
All data (except login data) is only saved on your mobile and not by us
You have a lot of quality time with each other that only belongs to the two of you
Ideal for long-distance relationships

What’s next?

We are planning to have even more functions available in the near future, such as additional language packs or different new categories with new questions.

With the premium version feature of the couple game app, you can create your category and add your personal questions about the game.

Have fun playing Couple Game.

Even better than those couple quiz with multiple choice answers, this couple game app let you know each other a lot better because you can enter individually answers.

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