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DIGICASH is a free App that enables you:
- to pay in stores, your bills, in other Apps, in online shops in Luxembourg,
- to send, receive and request money to and from any phone number, with transfers via the underlying bank account(s).
- Quick & convenient
- Free (except mobile operator charges)
- Transfers and payments from € 0.01 up to € 2,500
- Highly secure & set your own payment limits
- Send and request money to/from any mobile number - with underlying bank transfer
- Works for most Luxembourg bank accounts/customers
- Available in hundreds of stores and with many (utility) bill issuers
- Link loyalty cards – all-in-one payment experience
The BGL BNP Paribas DIGICASH App is linked both to your phone number and your bank account(s). It meets banking-grade security standards; all payments are authorised with your Fingerprint or your PIN Code. You can set your security limits according to your preferences (default: EUR 2,500). Payments are made using (SEPA) bank transfer (funds may only be available the next working day).
To start using the App right away, all you have to do is to link it to your bank account. Launch the App and you’ll be guided through the process, it’s fairly easy.
DIGICASH is by far the fastest way to transfer money between two people. Choose the recipient’s phone number from your address book, type in the amount, authorise the payment and a SMS/push message is sent to the recipient. If the recipient has already activated DIGICASH, the operation is triggered immediately, and if not, a SMS message is send out inviting the recipient to subscribe. Once he/she has activated DIGICASH, funds will be transferred into the recipient’s bank account.
Request money from any phone number: the most convenient way to get paid back by your friends, family or colleagues. Simply choose their phone number, type in the amount and they’ll get the request. You’ll receive a notification once they have made the requested payment.
Truly contactless payments with the DIGICASH Beacon: activate bluetooth on your phone, launch the DIGICASH App, hold your phone close to the Beacon device at the cash-desk and the amount to pay is automatically displayed on your phone (some phone cases may affect signal quality). Validate the payment with your fingerprint/PIN Code and you’re done. In selected shops (Auchan Luxembourg), you can even link your loyalty card and receive your bonus points/euros without any further action at each payment.

The quickest way to pay the bills: launch the App, scan the DIGICASH QR Code on the bill, confirm the payment and you’re done, typically in less than 10 seconds. It works with your insurance and energy bills, with your telecom and public sector/municipality invoices provided DIGICASH payments are accepted.
Feel free to use it at DIGICASH partner restaurants as well: no need to wait for the payment terminal, just scan the QR Code on the bill. You may even add a tip and then just leave right away.
Buy your transportation tickets with the M-Ticket App, top up your kid’s Restopolis account or use DIGICASH on selected web sites: it is the most secure and the most convenient way to pay by clicking on the DIGICASH button in the App/web site or in the web store. No card or bank data is transferred and nobody else can use your DIGICASH App as all payments are authorised via fingerprint/PIN Code.

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