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Draw N Guess 2 Multiplayer

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Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Draw N Guess 2 Multiplayer - The next chapter in #1 drawing and guessing game in the world.

With more than half a billion drawings drawn, Draw N Guess is more than just a social drawing game. It’s very addicting with lots of cool new features and enhancements added along with everything it had previously.

Use your creative skill to draw the given word, and let the opponent guess that word and then vice versa. The world’s most popular drawing and guessing game is free to play!

What is Draw N Guess 2?
* A real-time DRAWING AND GUESSING Multiplayer online game
* Best of Pictionary type games and easy-to-play
* Fun playing and chatting with the payers all around the world
* Switch on to Party mode to play with friends
* Earn lots of coins and trophies as rewards for winning the game
* Levelling up will progress your way to top the leaderboard
* Connect with Facebook or Google and play DRAW N GUESS socially
* Share your drawings with the world to showcase your artwork
* Surprise yourself with exciting gifts by unlocking the treasure box

Invite your friends and play together in a party mode.

Even if you are not playing, you could still enter into a private chat with other players who are added as friends.

Spin the Wheel and win amazing prizes like coins, avatars and titles by unlocking the Treasure Chests.

Show off yourselves in different avatars that match close to your personality.

Entitle yourself with the best title describing your true self.

Pick the right sets of colors to make your drawings look more colorful and beautiful.

Choose from a catalog of drawing tools like Crayon, Brushes, Paint Roller, Highlighter, Marker, Spray, etc to showcase your artistic skills.

Avail a monthly subscription and get unlimited lives to play with.

How to play?
Create a new Profile by Logging in using Facebook or Google. You could also play as a guest.

Click on the Play button and then the fun begins! To win a round, be very quick in guessing the word of the drawing. And also, the points will be given based on how fast you guess or draw. So, literally go crazy making rapid guesses! To grab the bonus points, you need to play really well. You can also play live games with your family, friends or other players from all around the world.

If you have any query or face any difficulty when playing Draw N Guess 2 Multiplayer, please write to us at support@timeplusq.com

Sounds simple, but it's unbelievable how amazingly fun and addictive Draw N Guess 2 can become! So, what are you waiting for? Download Draw N Guess 2 and start having FUN!!!!!
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