Drohne Streik rex Legende 3D

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We thought we control natune .
We thought that we figured out how the universe works .
We even thought we could replace god and create life.
All our arrogant assumptions shuttered into a bloody, messy dooms day apocalypse .

What happened you ask ?
Well, for yaers , the U.S goverment has been trying to genetically engineer pre historic DNA into a newer version of the pre historic predetors. The infamous dinosaurs .

The experiments and incubation of the speciments were held in a secret goverment facility, on an island not far from the main land .
Twenty new species were created in a lab, using DNA found in fusils , millions of years old .
Those species grew smarter by the day, and eventually took over the island, leaving only death and destruction in their path.
Eventually they became aware , and started heading towards our cities .

This is where you come in , commander.
These creatures are extremely inteligent . They will stop at nothing on their way to destroy us.

Your drone brigade is the only real chance at defeating them .
The drones are equiped with massive hellfire missiles that will tear the flash off of creatures , and maybe , just maybe , save our wolrd .

Drone Strike Rex Legend 3D is one of the best endless flyer reality game, and its free.
The game enables you to get free power ups as you go , and compare your scores with other players via gamecenter .

Ok soldier , time is running out .
Go fight !

streik untergang military drone raupen navy seals dark tales desert strike dark legends drone strike f16 f-35 miq seals drohnen f117 seal choppa tt-rex drona wired

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